Monday, June 25, 2012

My Bestest Friends.

I have a friend named Turuhira she has been my friend for more than 2 years she is a really good friend to me. I also have a friend named Helen she comes from a place in China called Korea, she told me that she lives in the South Korea, she also told me that her and her family were not allowed in the North Korea because The North and The South Korea had a war between each other in 1950. I have 4 other friends named Tauwhare, Andrea, Tui and Zion these are also some of my best friends. Sometimes we argue and fight but most of the times we are together and friends forever.

“When Is The Right Time To Swear”

Residents in a small town outside of Boston,USA, The police chief to impose a $US20 fine on public profanity. I think the right time to swear is when you are really really angry and you can’t hold it in (100% Angry).

Most of us all know that swearing is not good for kids because some people want there kids to grow up and not be swearing to other people and most of the times you will hear swearing from across the road or even next door.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Gary Connery.

On the 23rd of May 2012 Gary Connery jumped out of a helicopter without a parachute. It happened in South Oxfordshire, England at a place called Henley-on-Thames.

Why did he do it? Well I think that he did it to achieve in something and to hold a world record. The world record for 
Gary Connery is to be the first person to jump out of a helicopter from the highest altitude (height above sea-level) without a parachute.

He is a father of two, a veteran of 880 skydives, 450 base jumps and dozens of film and television roles.

For me I probably want to go skydiving just like Gary Connery, a world-record star.