Monday, December 13, 2010

My 2010 Highlights

What have you enjoyed this year?
I have enjoyed going to camp this year because we got to do a lot of cool things, such as going to swimmerama, rockclimbing, skating and eating yummy food.

What have you enjoyed learning the most?

This year I really enjoyed learning how to write interesting paragraphs.

Which things would you have liked to have done more of?

I would have liked to go on more camps, because they are so much fun and you get to make new friends.

Which things do you think you could have worked harder at?

I could have worked harder at using my strategies and trying to learn different ways of solving problems.

What were some of your best memories from this year?

One great memory from this year for me is the great time I had at camp. I'm looking forward to camp next year!

What goal or goals have you got set for next year?

A goal I would like to work on next year is trying to be kind to my peers and to help others with their work. I want to be a Pt England role model.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jesse Martin

Jesse Martin was determined to circumnavigate the world with the support from his family. He was a young, brave sailor who proved he could travel around the world solo. He travelled on his yacht called the Lionheart all by himself!

James Cook

James Cook was born on October 28, 1728. He sailed from England in his ship called the endeavour on August 19, 1778. To observe the planet Venus across the face of the sun from the Island of Tahiti.

Active Earth

The outermost layer, the crust, floats on the surface of the magma. The next next layer below the crust is the mantle. Did you know that as the movement of plates sliping sideways is what can make an earthquake. This movie is about the layers of the earth. Enjoy!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas dinner

Yesterday I went to a Christmas dinner at the GI center next to the library. I went with my 2 brothers and 4 sisters and mum. I looked threw the window and their was the Christmas tree there was presents and my mum said ‘’ All of you will get presents except for the adults. We had to show our ticket to them to go inside. It looked perfect their were alot of crackers around on the tables and chips in the ice-cream containers. Then they said the prayer and it was time for dinner. It was a delicious dinner and it was time for dessert. Then I went to go and get my dessert I had a cake and some strawberry's. It was time for presents and I was only aloud to open it at home. My present was a box that sang Merry Christmas and there was a cup inside the box. THE END.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


On Friday the diggers came to our school. The dental clinic got demolished from its ginormous jaw. When they were prising off the weather boards they found a massive wasps nest that looked like it was (made out of) a papery mound. The digger, a tyrannosaurus Rex gribble the top of the Dental Clinic and pulled it to the ground. As it collapsed the windows chatted, beams and splintered. After the builders were finished destroying the Dental Clinic, all that was left was a pile of rubble and blowing dust.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Eagerly awaiting our swim we all had life Jackets to put on. some of them were a fit tight and some of them fitted snugly. When I put on my life Jackets I was shivering and shuddering. Fidgeting with excitement I couldn’t wait to get inside the pool. ‘’You can hop in now.’’said Chris.’’Yay I cheered.

Chris , a kind and helpful man , had come to talk about water safety. He is staying with us until the end of the term. Amazingly Chris had brought a portable pool with him too it was big. I thought to myself that maybe 30 people can fit inside the pool. I was right but it was a bit of a squash.

When I first went inside the pool my teeth were charting and my body was shivering and shacking. We had to go into our help position. There was alot of screaming and squealing but I didn’t I was relaxing.We learn the help position to conserve your energy that when you lean back cross your arms on your chest and float.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Little Critters.

Little Critters.
First we went into the hall for Immersion Assembly and that’s where we found out? There were alot of people who had costumes on, such as bees, butterflies, ladybirds, and snails. The best ladybirds I saw was Miss Walters and Miss Lavakula.

Mr Burt was crawling on the floor, he said, ‘’I am a mosquito a nasty one’’. He tried to chase after Mr J saying something about blood. It was disgusting and made me shudder. Luckily it was time for team 1 to come up on stage.They were spiders except for Miss Wild she was Little Miss Muffet. They were singing Incy Wincy spider and Little Miss Muffet, but my favourite song was Little Miss Muffet because when the spider sat on her shoulder she screamed and my ears were shattering. That was the funniest part about it.

My next favourite was team 4. When it was time for team 4, their team was called a Bee Colony. Mr Barks was a beautiful queen, dressed in a wavy blond wig with a crown who had 4 eggs. He had bees who worked for him who were feeding, cleaning, and cooling him down. The 4 workers were Mrs Squires Miss King Miss Garden and Miss Va’afusuaga.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Canterbury Earthquake.

An Earthquake hit Christ Church and caused a lot of damage. It happened at 4 am, Saturday morning, unfortunately striking a lot of houses which collapsed. The measurement of the Earthquake was 7.1 on the Richer scale. Its epicenter was 10 kilometers down beneath the earth.

There was extensive damage caused by the earthquake over a large area.
A lot of houses were split into two. Some houses collapsed, at least 100 000 homes were damaged and about 450 need to be demolished. The whole place was littered with rubble and sea of mud from the unstable grounds.

The earthquake caused many dangers both during and after it unexpectedly happened. People huddled under doorways to avoid getting crushed. Many others evacuated. people had to watch out for bricks failing on cars and falling glass. There were ruptured water and sewage pipes. They always have to watch out because contaminated
water could give you diseases.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My story about sailing.

Sailing today was amazing. The wind was blowing strongly making my boat slice through the sea. Unfortunately the wind was so strong that it blew the boat and started to sail faster.

After that I found land and I saw some coconut trees so I hopped off my boat and I went under the tree. I started to go and eat some coconuts from the tree and they were delicious so I stayed on land
much longer , as long as I could.THE END.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Laura Dekker Story.

Laura Dekker , a dutch 14 year old girl who was born in New Zealand, set out from Gibraltar in her quest to destroy Jessica Watson's world record. Laura wants to become the youngest sailor in the world to circumnavigate the world solo. She is sailing from Gibraltar to Madeira to the Canary Island before crossing the Atlantic ocean. She will spend more then a year to travel around the world ( by her self ) unassisted.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cross Country

Today the whole school did cross country on the field. When the second bell rang we went on the foot path and waited for the race to begin. I started to feel really scared and nervous when we went to go into our age lines (of our groups.)
Suddenly it was our turn to go on to the field, after the 10 year old boys. As soon as the boys got out the gate our race started with a loud BANG! Every one started to run. We were all running in a bunch. I sprinted as fast as I could and I was coming first until I got to the gate. I jogged all the way to the huge tree but then I sprinted because I know that champions never give up. So I kept on running until I got to the finish line. Heather was catching up to me so I ran fast but then it was a tie between me and Heather. I did not know what I came because I had a dry mouth and I needed some water. Finally I said to myself that that it was over. The End.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Jesse Martin Storm

The violent wind whipped spray off the sea slapping Jesse Martin’s face like an angry lady. As he was struggling to walk to the bow of the boat the wind nearly blew him overboard. Unfortunately the strong wind pushed him and made him stumble, but luckily he got hold of a grip of the boat and held on tight.

As Jesse Martin was grinning the winch the wind was howling strong in his face. It was like a powerful and strong wizard telling him off. When the wind nearly blew him overboard he yelled out so loud ‘’HELP’’ he yelled and his voice was losing.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Chocolate is the best sweet I have ever tasted. The first chocolate I have eaten were pineapple lumps. They were so delicious because of the flavour.

I like different types of chocolate. My favourite chocolates are Pineapple lumps, Chocolate peanuts, Dairy milk, Milk chocolate, Forest, and chocolate hearts. I love chocolate, and chocolate cake.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Favourite part at the Maritime Museum

On Tuesday we went to the Maritime Museum to learn about a lot of stuff about different kind of boats. Many people go there to learn about the sailor's and what they use to travel on. Our first activity was a guided tour with Salty Sam, a gruff, and grumpy, man who bellowed out orders to us. He was dressed up as a captain and even sounded like one.

A minute later Salty Sam showed us us an replica of immigrant ships cabin. It was dark and dingy and I was the one who was sitting next to the dummy of an immigrant who was creepy. Suddenly the cabin started gently rolling and it was a bit scary too. After the immigrant ship Salty Sam took us to the flat bottom scalt to do a steering test with him.

One part of the tour was a replica of an Immigrant ships cabin to find out what it was like for the Immigrants coming to New Zealand. The Immigrant ship’s cabin had 10 beds on each side and it was for the people that came from another place. There was a toilet and a place to wash yourself in. It was creepy when I was next to the dummy, I tried to sit down but his hand was in the way.THE END

Friday, June 25, 2010

One tree hill

On Tuesday we went to one tree hill but before we went to the trip we had to go to the hall to talk with Mr Burt about our trip. He started to talk about the activities that we would be doing on our trip. After that we went out of the hall and went on the bus.

When we went in the bus we started to get excited about it. After that people started screaming and I tried to sleep but people kept on talking and I just couldn't have a rest. Thanks to the bus drivers we couldn't done it with out them and thanks to the parents for helping. It was fun when Lola and Heather were playing sweet and sour which is a cool game,and as they were playing I was counting, how many people but some people were moving and I had to count again.

Finally we got there and it was so smoggy I nearly went into some and I almost fell over. But I was okay. Then we saw some hearts and some words in a big hole. Do you know that a man called Logan Campbell planted 500 plants? After that we had morning tea, what I had was an apple and my le snack it was so yummy that I tried to have some more.

Finally we walked to the top of One Tree Hill and looked around the place and counted how many volcanoes there were.

For our last activity we we played capture the flag that was the last time we had to look at it but sometimes people can go and see it again and learn about it and that's cool. After that we went to go and eat some lunch.

Lollipop land

ON SATURDAY I WENT TO LOLLIPOP LAND ON A BUS. I went with my family and it was awesome there because there were free lollipops and we also got to find some on the playground. After that we went on the play ground and it looks like fun so I hoped on it and it was funny. Then we went to go and eat some lunch, we had yummy food and that was my second time going to lollipop land. Finally we went to the other side of the play ground and it was fun when we went on the slide because It was big and there's even a baby play ground and it was only for baby's but I still went on it. Suddenly we had to go on the bus back to Glenn Innes and head back home. This was the best day ever in my life.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Big Foot Adventures.

Big Foot Adventures come to my school

Yesterday room15 went on the senior courts to learn how to learn how to ride a bikes. The people who helped us to learn about bikes was Tony and Adrian.They were teaching us what parts of the bike there is and how to put a helmet on. After that Tony started to hand out the bikes, there was orange,green, and there was also big orange ones but there was only one. It wasn't fun when I standed and watched so I asked Miss Squires '' can you tell Tony if I could ride a bike and he said yes you can. It was so fun by myself because I had more turns then the other people. FINALLY WE GOT TO SET ON THE GRASS AND RELAX FOR A COUPLE OF SECONDS. My favourite part is when we were on the grass and doing a relay and standing up on the bike. My second favourite part is when we played follow the leader because we had to do copy the actions like him.

We were listening attentively to Tony as he was talking about safety precautions. Then they went to go and get the correct safety equipment as we go on the bike. He also said that '' we had to check if our bike was in good working order.
As I was going over the ramps of the obstacle course. I pushed my self to the limit to try to do my best and going in between the cones. Tony was showing us how to go on the ramps and cones.

Suddenly Adrian said to Tony to switch over. Tony's group went to the hand signals. It was so much fun when we had to do the hand signals because some people nearly fell of like Lola nearly fell of the bike. I felt so nervous when I was doing hand signals because it felt like I might fall down.It was tricky manoeuvring around the cones.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dante's Weekend

On Saturday I went to the movies and watched street dance 3D. I went with my brothers Friends and him , and sisters . It was fun because my brother and his friend went to a different movie. I ate an ice cream and my sisters had popcorn. My favourite part is when a girl named Chloe had no Friends to dance with and so she went to get some people to join her group. The boy who was the champion in Chloe's team went in the other and his team was the best. After that she went to go and get her group to practice doing there dance because there tournament was coming up in 4 weeks and they had to be good. After that we ate some more food because we were hungry and thirsty. Then the movie was finish so we had to go and Waite outside for my nana to get us and my brothers friends. So then we went to MC Donald's to eat some lunch. Finally the train arrived but it was to late because the elevator was going up to slow so we had to Waite for another 30 minutes. Suddenly the train came and then we went on, and the train started to move and we went home and I played play station 2. This was the best time at the movies ever.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Sister's Birthday

It was my sisters birthday on the 16th of May. Before we had to go to the birthday we went to go and buy her presents. I bought her finger lights, my sister Emmy bought her paint and my other sister Antonia bought her earrings. After that we finally went to my sisters birthday. I counted 22 people had come along. We went to go and get her friends so they could join us at the birthday. Finally we got to eat! Luckily there was mountains of opened my present first with excitement. Her friend gave her stickers and a bracelet and my brother's friend gave her hair clips. After that it was cake time and it was so delicious because my Nana bought a big sponge cake and had put sprinkles and icing sugar on top. She didn't forget the candles. Then we went to go and play video games with my brother. My sister and I were painting other peoples faces for fun. After a long day we finally went home to have a rest. This was the coolest day ever!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My holiday Highlight

At mission Bay I went in the water with my sister and got some shells so we can look at them.In the water were heaps of people and a couple of boats. After a long swim we went home in the after noon.I really enjoyed my time at the beach with my family especially because it was the first beach I had gone to.It was so fun I wanted to stay longer but it was getting late so we had to go home and have a rest and eat more food.


Felling anxious,we are waiting for the bowling ball to come straight towards us.''OH no,when the bowling ball comes our heads are going to get cracked!''I yelled to my self and my friends.We tried to run away but the bowling ball came and knocked us down.


On Wednesday room15 and room17 went to went to the pools.When I first went in the pool I was so warm that i wanted to stay longer.I listened attentively to Mr Hunia so I could move up another level.While my group was swimming some people were having a shower and I saw showers of sprays.Anfortunalty I was doing back stroke there was water in my eyes and it started to get sore I am disappointed that tomorrow is the last day of swimming because I want to swim for the rest of my life so I could be a good swimmer.

My favorite singer

My favourite singer is Justin beiber because he has a great voice and hes cool.Also the chipmunk's because they also have a great voice and an awesome movie I've watched it 10 times on DVD and it is awesome.I like Micheal Jackson because he is fixable and is also a great dancer.My lest favourite singer is bob marley and his band.I also like akon and Alisha keys because she is a good acter and a good singer as well and I even have a photo of her in my room.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dante Capture The Flag

On Friday room14 and 15 played a new game called capture the flag after morning tea on the bottom field. It was a tactical game.
First Miss King divided us into 2 teams, Room 15 was red and Room 14 was green. She also explained the rules, she said, ''If you get tugged you have to stand there until someone in your team gets you and takes you to the other side."
I was doing an awesome job of guarding the flag and Mary was rescuing people. Soon we were the winners at playing. When it was finished all of us were cheering and clapping for our team and the other team.
Finally we were exhausted and sweaty. Last of all we had to pick up rubbish and our class won again. That was the end of the game. I am so nervous and excited about playing a new game on Friday. I know it is going to be a fun game for all of us.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Early European Settlers

Room 15 have been finding out about the Early Europeans who came to NZ. We read about the Whalers and Sealers, Missionaries, Settlers and Traders. We wrote scripts as if we were one of these people and recorded our scripts with our animations of the European ships arriving in NZ playing in the background. Mine is one of the ones that was finished and played on P.E.N.N. ours school news programme

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Welcome to Room 15 Dante.
For everyone reading Dante's blog here is a link that takes you to the posts she wrote for her class's blog last year.
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