Monday, December 3, 2012

The end of the year reflections

What I liked about being a year 7:

Being a year 7 was awesome because of all the cool things we could do, and I also like being a year 7 because we can take our net books home and we could use them every where. Like for example how you take a phone around a net book is sort of the same but bigger. I am really going to miss being a year 7 but I am going to move on to being a year 8 next year in 2013.

What's going to happen next year for me:

I cant wait until next year because I am going to be a year 8, and what I am focusing on this year and next year is to do all of my work properly and to try and achieve in my goals that I am going to do. I also want achieve in the work I do at school like maths, reading and writing, these are the things that I am really focusing on in my work at the moment.

Team - Building

On Thursday the year 7s were at school while the year 8s were at tech, but that was cool because the year 7s were doing activities. 

The first thing we had to do was that the teachers put up a form on the projector with our names on it, I was in a group with Ahsin, Kendrix, Serena, Vivienne, Shoal, Lorenzo, Xavier and I. This was our group and we had to work as a team, so our first activity was to make a Christmas tree with News paper, tap, Scissors, Colored paper, Tin foil and String, and then we had to go into spots to try and figure out to make a Christmas tree. At first we thought of using the foil as Christmas decorations and we used the brown paper for the tree but then we thought of putting some news paper of the brown paper so that it could hold it there. Then we used some tap to stick the paper together, after that we had to stick some decorations on and then it was all finished. The next thing we had to do was to think of a carol to sing around our Christmas tree and we sang Jingle Bells Jingle Bells and that was my favourite part of the day when the 8s were at tech. 

What I am expecting for next year 2013

When I become a year 8 next year I expect it to be an awesome year and I also expect more listing for me and more work so that I can become smart when I grow up. I also want to join in alot of sports as well so that I can achieve them and my work at the same time. I would love to be a leader and to not be shy getting up on the stage and doing something like a part for a play or singing, and this is what I expect to happen next year in 2013.

Christmas Tree Lighting / Telecom Thank You

On Saturday night some Point Englanders came to the Christmas tree lighting, in the city. 

I would like to say a big thank you to the Telecom people that were there helping us and giving us free things, and also guiding us through the events and other things, and I also want to thank Courtney and Karyn for helping us as well. 

The best thing that liked about it was the Titanium group that came up on the stage and sang. They were so awesome that when they were finished they went to there tent and then they came out and there were so many people outside of there tent. I went to them and asked them all for there autograph and a hug. And when it was time for them to go I saw them putting on there hoodys and running down the street, and that was the best time that I had on that night.

Titanium Groups names:

Zac Taylor
Andrew Papas
Jordi Webber
Shaquille Paranihi-Ngauma
Haydn Linsley
T.K Paradza