Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dante Capture The Flag

On Friday room14 and 15 played a new game called capture the flag after morning tea on the bottom field. It was a tactical game.
First Miss King divided us into 2 teams, Room 15 was red and Room 14 was green. She also explained the rules, she said, ''If you get tugged you have to stand there until someone in your team gets you and takes you to the other side."
I was doing an awesome job of guarding the flag and Mary was rescuing people. Soon we were the winners at playing. When it was finished all of us were cheering and clapping for our team and the other team.
Finally we were exhausted and sweaty. Last of all we had to pick up rubbish and our class won again. That was the end of the game. I am so nervous and excited about playing a new game on Friday. I know it is going to be a fun game for all of us.