Friday, May 31, 2013

Independents / Dependants Clauses. Made From: Dante and Sesalina

This is a little movie that me and my friend Sesalina made. It is about independent clauses and dependant clauses. Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Disgusting Burgers.

While taking a walk around the neighborhood I saw a poster, it said ‘Mcdonald's was going to get shut down because there is going to be a new shop opening called Burgers Burgers’ and I knew that this wasn’t going to be good. Could you imagine every single person in G.I going into that shop skinny and then coming out fat? It would be a nightmare.

So one morning I decided to go to the shop and check it out, there were so many people inside that I couldn’t believe my eyes. This was a disaster looking at all these people eating all these burgers. I went up to the counter and looked at the menu, O.M.G I couldn’t believe it there were small burgers, medium burgers, large burgers and extra large burgers. There was even going to be a burger that was humongous that was called the humongous mac, it was going to be on sale for $10 dollars in 3 weeks.

3 weeks have gone past, and still nothing, I went to ‘Burgers Burgers’ and I saw 10 to 15 people eating the humongous mac, this was disgusting but it’s not my choice it’s theirs.


We had to build our own cuboid out of paper because there was no-more cardboard. It was a big experience at measuring and finding out how things can be equal.

This is a 2D cube the length is 14cm and the width id 4cm so if we multiply the 14cm and the 4 cm we will get 56cm2.

The next one is a 3D shape the width of this 3D shape is 3cm3.

The length of this shape is 4cm3.

The height of this 3D shape is 14cm3.

So if we multiply the width of the 3D shape, The length of the 3D shape and also the height of the 3D shape. So that will be 14cmx3cmx14cm = 588.

Monday, May 27, 2013


Things about Diabetes.

Diabetes is diagnosed when a person has too much glucose. (Too much sugar in your blood)
This happens when the pancreas does not have enough insulin. The main similarities between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes is that they both have to have insulin but type 2 diabetes is sluggish and type 1 diabetes you get from the insulin from an injection.

The main differences between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes is that Type 1 diabetes you have for the rest of your life and you to have to cope with it and you also have to take injections at least 4 times a day, breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper . Type 2 diabetes a progressive condition in that the pancreas continues to get more sluggish over time and you have to take medications recently or you will die.

The diabetics manage their illness by taking there medications every day if you have Type 2. If you have Type 1 you have to take injections on your body so that the insulin can go everywhere around your body so that you can feel like you can actually want to do something instead of feeling lazy. If you feel lazy and tired you might get into a comma and you have to go straight to the hospital. The main health risks for people who develop Type 2 diabetes are heart attacks, blindness, strokes, kidney failure and poor circulation from which the limbs will die from.

My sister Antonia Vili has Type 1 diabetes. Every single day she has to take injections at breakfast, lunch ,dinner and supper and she also has to do her finger prick before she does her jabe. Her finger prick is a little machine that has a finger pricker and a strip, she does her prick with the finger pricker and puts her blood on the strip thats on the machine, then it tells you the number like if you were 6.4 thats good if you were high like 18.7 thats bad and she has not eaten the right amount of food. If you are very high like 24.5 you will have to run to burn out the insulin inside you, and thats what my sister does. I’m not sure at what time she got her diabetes but all I know is that she was little when she got it. This macine at the bottom is the sort of machine that my sister uses and this is the sort of pricker that she uses.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Heart Attack Grill Nonsense!


As a student at my age I think that the Heart Attack Grill should not be allowed to operate in Glen Innes NZ because it will make a lot of people get addicted to fatty foods and could kill up to half of our community.

I believe that the food at the Heart Attack Grill is unhealthy and filled with a lot of fat. Their fries are deep fried in lard, which is animal fat and is known to be less healthy than vegetable fat. The worst part about the Heart Attack Grill is that they offer burgers that are 4 patties high and filled with cheese and grease, this is unhealthy and a lot of people are just ignoring it and we won’t have this nonsense in our country.

The owner of the restaurant owner is promoting obesity through his food and lifestyle. The Heart Attack Grill offers unlimited fries, fat and sugar laden drinks as well as giant sized burgers. The environment, waitresses and costuming makes the restaurant out to look like a hospital. Warning signs caution the customers on how unhealthy the food is.

The counter argument could be that the owner of The Heart Attack Grill believes he is selling a positive message. By shocking customers and the people of the USA, they will stop eating unhealthy foods. However he continues to to sell the food, kill people and make money. Is this truly a positive message or one of a murderer?

When you weigh up all of the evidence, you can conclude that the owner of The Heart Attack Grill should be held accountable and that his restaurant should not be allowed to operate in Glen Innes, or in any other country around the world.

Thursday, May 9, 2013's Surprise Donation To The NZ Children's Trust.

I think that’s song about ‘That Power’ talks about his childhood a bit and that you could share and tell your dreams to everyone and that's what he probably did with his friends and families support. This little piece of the song sort of tells me that when he says that he used to have a piggy bank but now he’s got a bigger bank, i’m imagining it in my head that when he was little he had a piggy bank with a little bit of money. But now he has his own bank and has gone richer just because of his singing which inspires a lot of people around the globe.

I saw the t.v cameras at the back of us I was so shocked because I knew that this person was going to be a really famous person. When Mr Burt told asked us if we knew the ‘Black Eyed Peas‘ I knew that it had to be one of them and when he said that it was going to be I was so shocked and my heart was beating so fast that it was like running a marathon. I said to myself that this is so awesome that is coming to P.t England school to donate $100,000 to NZ children's trust.