Friday, November 30, 2012

My Favorite Things I like To Do.

Singing and Dancing, I like doing these main things. I like singing but not in front of hundreds of people because I get really nervous and I kind of get stage fright. Dancing is kind of not my thing but I try to dance like really good people who are way better then me.

I sing everywhere because I want to get better every single day and I also sing when I am upset because it makes me feel relaxed. Singing is also hard for people because they got to get it right and try not to make any mistakes. My favorite singers are Jordan Sparks, Beyounce, Neyo, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber. I don’t really like dancing because when I dance, to me it looks silly.

I really like the movies at Hoyts because some of the movies are from books like “The Adventures of Tintin” it is a famous book that alot of people like, like me. I also like going to the movies because sometimes there are 3D glasses their, and the screen is so humongous that I think that is the largest screen in Auckland city. My favorite Movie that I have watched at the movies was Street Dancer in 3D.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Mount Tongariro Erupted Again.

An eruption at the crater about 1.30pm on Wednesday sent an ash plume shooting up to 4 kilometres into the sky ( Waikato ). The mountain spewed some ash possibly a couple of kilometres up in the air. The eruption was a loud explosion but it only lasted for a short amount of time. I hope that all the people who live close to Mt-Tongariro will get to somewhere safe and I hope that know one will get hert from it. I got some information from a website saying “There were a large number of people on the mountain today, many completing the Tongariro Crossing, and it is believed everyone is safe”

Click on the word that say's Mt-Tongariro and it will take you to a site with more information about the explosion.


I hope you liked my presentation!
And I also want to say thank you 
to my friend Turuhira for editing my work.
Here is a link to the Mexican national anthem.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Swimming Practical

Room 19 have been going swimming on Wednesday’s after morning tea. We learn on how to kick off the edge of the pool and glide through the water. The we had some races to see who can swim all the way up to the other side of the pool and back, but then for a while we started having fun and having free time in the pool. Then we had to get out and get changed into our school uniform. What I have learned at swimming was that you should always listen to your coach or the person that is teaching you so that you can get things right.

Obama re-elected as US President

President Barack Obama has beaten Mitt Romney to win a second term as President of the United States of America. I think that it is good  that  president Obama is re-elected as the US president, I also think that he is really happy about it as well. It happened on the 7-8 of november in the united states of america. I wonder that if on that day he got re-elected he was so happy to be the president for another term. “ Three cheers for president Barack Obama, hip horray hip horray hip hooray” Dante said happily, enjoying her hooray's.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Maniakalani Film Festival

And this was our fifth Maniakalani Film Festival.

On Wednesday the 14th of November Pt England School went to the Manaiakalani Film Festival at Sylvia Park. We went at around 1:30 in the afternoon, we travelled by bus all the way to Sylvia Park and when we got there we saw alot of schools coming in and out of the doorways. When we went inside the doors we had to go and sit in our seats, but I am only going to talk about my favorite part of the Manaiakalani Film Festival. Well my favorite movie that I watched is room 18, because of how they were doing different facials from when they were looking at each other ( because they were really bored). I think that the funniest facial was Raihan’s because he looked like he was trying to do the pukana, and when Starford took out his phone and wanted to video chat with Brook on her phone (awkward! But funny and cool at the same time).

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Stick through a balloon

On Friday room 19 and I were blowing up balloons and trying to put a pointy stick through it, but it was sort of hard for me because I thought that if I put the pointy stick through the balloon then it would pop. So I tried it, and it worked I was really happy that I actually did it instead of just sitting in my chair doing nothing. After that we had to try and see if we could blow up a balloon in a big Pump bottle and if we did Mr Harris said that he would give us $50.00, but most of us couldn't because it was to hard. I think the people that was the closest was Athena and Tui.

Fictional Text Of 'The Wing Of Maui's Moa'

This is a photo I took of the book that I read about.

On a stormy night Maui called out to his Moa to come and rescue him because he was in the ocean, but his Moa was so far away, so he had to try and climb to safety. But then there was a humongous animal inside the water and Maui didn’t know what it was, so he tried to swim as fast as he can to get as close to shore. But then the sea animal grabbed Maui and dragged him down into the deep sea, so Maui grabbed his sword and stabbed the sea animal. After that it was the next day Maui was so angry that he felt like killing something, so he called his Moa again then his Moa came, and quickly Maui picked up his Moa and threw it across the sea. The Moa was trying to fly but then it just ended up on a hill filled with grass, then Maui went away with a sad look on his face while the Moa was on the hill dying with pain.