Thursday, June 16, 2011

Partley Cloudley.

The movie that we have seen in room 17 was called" Partley Cloudly".
In the story there are 2 characters it is a cloud that made dangerous things and a stork that delivers.
This story was set up in a sky with clouds around it making things to deliver to mums and dads.
It starts starts off with stokes flying through the air and delivering things to animals, and people.
The main action is the cloud making dangerous baby animals. Then he has a stork that all ways gets hert.
This ends with the cloud being angry because he thinks his stork is working with another cloud. But he is actually getting armer from the other cloud so he can be safe.
I really like it so I'm going for 10/10. I like it because it is interesting and funny and it has lots of clouds making animals and baby's.

Monday, June 13, 2011

My Tower.

This is a video that I had made. I hope you like it and have fun seeing it.

Made by Dante Bartlett

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Going Bowling.

In the holidays I went to my brothers house to sleep over. In the morning my cousin Luke came to pick up me and my brother Dominic while my Nana went to work and we went to go to the movies. Then we went to the train station to catch a train to Sylvia Park. Then we were going to go up in the elevator but there were a lot of people so we went up the stairs. It was time to watch a movie but there were none that was my brothers favorite. So he changed hes mine to go to bowling. So then we went on the train back to Panmure and went bowling. First we played bowling and it was fun because I came 3rd my brother came 2nd and my cousin came 1st then we went to go and play some games we got 20 coins each then it was always me I had to give my brother some money because his was all gone. We finished our money for the games and started to get toys with the tickets. I had gotten a String Hand and 5 bracelets. My brother got a magnet and my big cousin Luke got 2 cups that have lights on it. Then we went home and started to play my brothers PS3 it was an awesome day for all of us. Hope you liked my story.


This is a video of all the visitors that came in our class. Hope you like it have a good time watching it.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Pet Camel.

Me and my friend Tui decided to have a holiday at Egypt where we could get lots and lots and lots of gold. But the problem that there was a camel and no one seemed to own it so me and Tui were going to ride on it but it was quit hard to, you know get on it.Tui and I were thinking of bringing it home but what would mum and dad say they might get frightened. So then we went on to the plane but what about the camel so of course I had to bye an enormous suit case and then my camel and some of my clothes to cover him went in the suit case and in to the plane we went. When we went home mum and dad did get angry about the camel but we could still keep it I was so happy. But all dads under pants were missing and I knew who it was it was the camel.