Monday, November 21, 2011

Year 6 Camp at Kawau Island.

These are
2 photos that Miss Vaa'fusuaga ( Teacher ) and Steve ( a helper ) took of Me and the Katz A ( on the Right ) and my Bivouac Crew ( Andrea, Anarhera and me.

Running to my mums room, I knocked on the door saying “ GET UP MUM GET UP” because today was going to be exciting for me. Then I had to get my day pack ready and set off for today, then I went into the kitchen to make my mum said that she was going to by me some lunch from the shops. After that we brought some breakfast from the bakery, I had 2 Chicken Kebab sticks and a Custard Pie, then she brought me some lunch witch was a Chicken and avocado sandwich and Cookie Bear biscuits with a Le-snack, doesn't that sound delicious to you because it does to me.

My favourite Activity at Camp Bentzon was Sailing. I was the demonstration for Katz A (my team) and the person that was teaching all of us was Peter, he told me to get into the boat and sit straight then he showed me the rudder that controls the boat to where to where you want to go and he also showed us that if you want to turn around back to shore you have to put the tail to the sail and leave it there until you turn around and sit on the other side of the boat, so then on the concert night I got an Eward for being the best sailor.

The best thing about camp was eating the food. Our cook Mr Coop was an amazing cooker because when I had breakfast I had a bread that was made by Mr Coop and when I put it in my mouth I wanted to go for more bread and that is like my 2nd favourite bread that I like because my first is French bread and French sticks.

Monday, November 7, 2011


My mum and my aunty went to the warehouse to get some fireworks. While they were getting them my sisters and I went outside to look at the other fireworks around our street. There were very loud "Booms" but it was only because those people put a Cascade inside a bottle and light it up and then it makes a very very loud "Boom". After that we went inside to watch T.V, and waited for my mum, before she got here we were making a whole lot of mess in the house so we had to clean it all up or els we couldn't do fireworks. Then at around 9:00 we started up the fireworks we had like 9 fireworks in a box that were very huge, the first one we did did a loud boom the next one wasn't that cool the very last one was awesome because of all the beautiful colors. Next we had to go inside and have supper and go to bed, that was a really cool night and there were so many beautiful colors all around our street.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Visiting Mars?

One day I went outta space to see if Aliens really do exists. When I went outta space I landed on a planet named Mars. It had lots of holes in it and when I was about to say WOW, I got knocked out with a rock. Next minute I was in a Space ship with, I don't believe it I saw aliens I got really scared that I fainted. Then I woke up again in a castle filled with lots and lots of aliens I was about to faint again but then I notest that they lift me up and chucked me on a chair. When I said who are you they started talking a different language that I didn't really know how to speak. It was so bizarre.

After that they offered me some food that looked really yuk, but when I was eating it it tasted like Chicken. Then they showed me a room fulled with lots and lots of food and I started to eat like half the table, then I started getting full so I tried to ask them if they know where a bed is but they didn't understand so I acted it out. Then he showed me to a big room with 5 beds on top of each other. The next morning I woke up and had some breakfast, and after that I found my rocket, ship, he was all fixed thanks to the aliens. I was a bit sad that I had to go but I knew that it was the right thing to do, so I went in my rocket and blasted off back to Earth, it was really cool to be back in my home sweet home. At night time I went outside to look out my telescope to see mars and there it was. The End