Thursday, July 14, 2011


This is a photo that I drew on Tux Paint I hope you like it because it is kind of hard to draw.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Picasa Album of Emotions

These are photos that I took on my Netbook and they are Emotions that I feel at school. Have a look and see if you have felt like one of these photos before!

Monday, July 11, 2011


1. The rabbit crunched on the carrot we placed in its bowl.
2. The water balloon hit the foot path with a loud '' SPLOT''.
3. Mrs Jackson peered out from under her umbrella when she heard the thunder rumble.
4. I heard the snap, crackle, and pop off the limbs crackling from the wind and Ice.
5. With a loud thud, the door to the Museum sealed shut behind the intruders.
6. The tickling of the bells on the sleigh put me in the Christmas spirit.
7. Although we warned our dog as he investigated the beehive we soon herd him yelp as he was stung.
8. While keeping a watchful eye on his owners, the golden retriever chomped on his bone.
9. The teacher quited the class due to all the chatter around the room during her lessons.
10. The frogs greeted each other with ribbits.
11. The snake warned us with a hiss to stay away.
12. Stan was pulled under by a huge wave soon he came up sputtering.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


On Thursday Rooms 15 ,16 and 17 went to MOTAT. My favorite highlights was the Tactile Dome. A man choose Lola and she had to choose 3 more people to go with her and it was Mary V, Jay’lee, and I. I went in first then Lola, Jay’lee and Mary followed. We had to go down this fluffy long slide and we all stood up trying to find the way out. The boys were caching up to to us. We felt a net so we were going to go over it but it felt like we should go up it. So then we landed on a step and there was this little slide that led us to a dead end. I began to get really scared because I didn't know there was something there. So I jumped and I sat on a cotton flat bean bag. Then we felt there was a tunnel that we went through and another slide. So we went down it and we ended up in a pile of soft toys. We finally made it to the end but then I got out and I tripped and fell on the mat and everyone saw me. I said to my friend that it was scary and fun.