Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Sister's Birthday

It was my sisters birthday on the 16th of May. Before we had to go to the birthday we went to go and buy her presents. I bought her finger lights, my sister Emmy bought her paint and my other sister Antonia bought her earrings. After that we finally went to my sisters birthday. I counted 22 people had come along. We went to go and get her friends so they could join us at the birthday. Finally we got to eat! Luckily there was mountains of opened my present first with excitement. Her friend gave her stickers and a bracelet and my brother's friend gave her hair clips. After that it was cake time and it was so delicious because my Nana bought a big sponge cake and had put sprinkles and icing sugar on top. She didn't forget the candles. Then we went to go and play video games with my brother. My sister and I were painting other peoples faces for fun. After a long day we finally went home to have a rest. This was the coolest day ever!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My holiday Highlight

At mission Bay I went in the water with my sister and got some shells so we can look at them.In the water were heaps of people and a couple of boats. After a long swim we went home in the after noon.I really enjoyed my time at the beach with my family especially because it was the first beach I had gone to.It was so fun I wanted to stay longer but it was getting late so we had to go home and have a rest and eat more food.


Felling anxious,we are waiting for the bowling ball to come straight towards us.''OH no,when the bowling ball comes our heads are going to get cracked!''I yelled to my self and my friends.We tried to run away but the bowling ball came and knocked us down.


On Wednesday room15 and room17 went to went to the pools.When I first went in the pool I was so warm that i wanted to stay longer.I listened attentively to Mr Hunia so I could move up another level.While my group was swimming some people were having a shower and I saw showers of sprays.Anfortunalty I was doing back stroke there was water in my eyes and it started to get sore I am disappointed that tomorrow is the last day of swimming because I want to swim for the rest of my life so I could be a good swimmer.

My favorite singer

My favourite singer is Justin beiber because he has a great voice and hes cool.Also the chipmunk's because they also have a great voice and an awesome movie I've watched it 10 times on DVD and it is awesome.I like Micheal Jackson because he is fixable and is also a great dancer.My lest favourite singer is bob marley and his band.I also like akon and Alisha keys because she is a good acter and a good singer as well and I even have a photo of her in my room.