Monday, December 16, 2013

Camp Highlights At Keswick.

Sesalina and me taking a photo with the sheep.

The Agradom was one of my favourite highlights. The reason why I liked the Agradom was because as the instructor was talking to us his helper let out sheep one by one on each sides. We saw at least 19 different sheep on the stage and at least 3 with horns. It was pretty awesome seeing all the sheep's going to there actual spot because there were stairs which they had to stand on. After that the instructor blew the whistle to get the 3 dogs attention they ran fast on to the stage while the instructor was opening this cupboard. While he was opening it we saw a massive cow walking on to the stage, the instructor picked a few people to hop on the stage and milk the cow. From our school Waata and Max went on the stage and tried to milk the cows, it was so funny because there was a little girl that got sprayed in the face with the milk from the cow.

Then he picked a couple of people to hold the bottles of milk from the cow and drink it, nah I was joking the man opened the door and all the baby lambs started running to the people who were holding the bottles and started feeding them. They were so cute. It was finished and we could go on the stage to see the sheep. I went to a sheep that looked like it had dreadlocks on it but with Justin Biebers style of hair. After that I went to a white sheep that had fur like a nice soft carpet, it felt so soft that I wanted to sleep on it. Next I took a photo with one that had horns in the shape of a spiral, there horns felt like big, rough dog bones. And that was the best highlight that I had at camp this year.

My Net book Reflection For 2013

What special thing have you learnt from your teacher this year?
The thing that I have learnt from my teacher this year was having a girl teacher because I haven't had one for ages, also because she has made me a better person during the years have gone by because she knows the things that has happened in my life and she helps me to keep going forward.

What significant thing have you learnt all by yourself?
I learnt that arguing with your friends doesn't change anything it just makes you stupid. I also learnt how to use blocks to solve my maths problems.

This year has been a really good year. I have learnt a lot of things to do with maths and how I can take numbers from numbers to make a bigger number. And in writing I learnt about different people like Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King. I have had a really good experience here and hope the rest of the school will as well.

For me I think that Net books are really good to use because when we need help we can just type it up on our internet so called as 'Wairehe' to connect with it. I have had my Net book for 3 years now and I haven't really done that much damage to it, but I will still be having it because I am going to Tamaki College.

Farewell To P.t England School.

I would like to say a farewell to my school because this is my last week being at P.t England and then I'm off to college next year. I have been at P.t England for 8 long years and leaving P.t England is like leaving my family behind to move on to a better life. I am really going to miss P.t England and all the teachers who have been teaching me during my years.

I also want to say to the year 7 prefects for next year that you will keep P.t England still standing and the little kids happy and safe as we have done this year. I know that you prefects are going to be really good prefects and look after our school I wish you guys good luck for next year and have fun and remember the memories that us year 8s and the others before us have done for our school. Good Luck for next year and have fun.

Farewell P.t England and have an awesome year.
Love From Dante Bartlett.

Nelson Mandela Documentry

Nelson Mandela was a man who stopped racism for all the people around the world. The main points about Nelson is how he changed the world for everyone to make it a better place. He even had to spend 27 years in prison just because people believed in him that he could change everything. The white people knew that whatever Nelson planned to do they knew that a lot of people would believe in him so that's why they put him in prison.

Nelson's father died when he was a child and during his years without his father he became a ward of Jongintaba at the great place in Mqhekezweni. He was the first in his family to attend a school and it was while there that the young Rolihlahla was given the name Nelson.

Nelson Mandela was a civil rights leader in South Africa. He fought against apartheid, a system where non-white citizens were segregated from whites and did not have equal rights. He served a good portion of his life in prison for his protests, but became a symbol for his people. Later he would become president of South Africa.

Nelson Mandela died on Thursday at the age of 95. The former President of South Africa left an indelible mark on both his country and the world, becoming an international symbol of the fight against injustice and human rights abuses. He will be remembered in our hearts forever and ever because he was a man that not only cared about his family but also the whole entire world.

Thank You Variety Club

I would like to say a huge thank you to the Motat and Johnson&Johnson for bringing us presents for Christmas. It is a wonderful idea for what you guys have done for P.t England, we all appreciate it.
And on behalf of P.t England School we would all like to say thank you for all the presents you brought for us and I hope you know that you guys made us happy from when we got them. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, god bless you's all.
Love From Dante Bartlett And P.t England Primary and Intermediate School.


Monday, December 2, 2013

Kid Presedents!!! 20 things at Pt England that we do.

KSSDZ from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Narrative about the swimming pools.

gif maker Dipping my feet into the water there was a shiver with coldness going through my body. While I was getting in I was watching the rest of the children swimming around. We had an instructor talking to us about the different kinds of swimming moves, there were three types of swimming moves that we had to learn. One of them was the backstroke, I loved doing the backstroke because it was like I was floating through a pool of roses and it felt relaxing. The second move we did was the hand stands, the hand stands were a bit hard because there was a little space where we could do it. It was hard for me because I couldn't really balance myself under the water and I was a bit scared that maybe someone might hit me in the face. The third and last one was the freestyle. It was really easy because it was like doing backstroke but you head in the water and swim forward. And this is my narrative about the swimming pools.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Maori Assessment.

Kia ora kotou
Greetings to you all

Kua tae mai nei
Who have gathered here

Ki tenei huihuinga
To this gathering

Ki te mau mai
To bring

nga whakaaro pai
The good thoughts

Ka nui te hari
Great is the joy

Mo to kotou kaha
For your support

Ki te aro mai
In attending

Ki te hapai
To uplift

I te reo maori
The maori language

E pa ana ki tenei hui
concerning the gathering.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dante Sesalina Senolita Te Rina Life at Pt England

This is a little video clip that my friends and I made from when we were little. I hope you have fun watching our movie. Enjoy.

Monday, October 21, 2013


Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October. It is mostly celebrated in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. Right now Halloween is celebrated like this, you dress up into your favourite thing like a vampire then you grab a bag and go to peoples houses. 

Then you knock on peoples door around your neighbourhood and say trick-or-treat then they give you a treat and you move on to the next house. 

November 1 2011 People believed that some Halloween traditions have been from an ancient Celtic festival called Samhain which was  Christianised by Churches from a long time a go. 

All around the world children and Adults look forward to Halloween. Some children do Halloween just for the lollies. 

Japan has the lowest celebrated festival called Ghost day, they celebrate it by giving presents to the dead and worshipping them. Almost the whole world have been celebrating this amazing day.

Halloween are mostly celebrated by the saints who worship a man called Samhain. People say that samhain pull spirits out of people and use dark magic. Samhain is a very known man to the saints and west Christian.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hexagonal Learning.

We have been doing hexagonal learning during the last 2 weeks. Zion Elizabteh and I have experienced heaps of things by arguing a lot to justify our learning. A lot of people in our class were arguing a lot to see where the hexagons will go and if its right or wrong.

Friday, August 30, 2013

My Son is Naughty Question

Jack and Ray were at the rugby. Ray’s team was winning
so Jack decided to give Ray a problem to deflate his ego a
bit. So Jack said “Did you know that today is my three
sons’ birthday?” “How old are they?” Ray asked taking
the bite. “I’ll give you a hint. The product of their ages is
36 and the sum of their ages is 13,” Jack replied. “That’s
no help,” said Ray. So Jack weakened and gave him
another clue. “O.K. My youngest son is very naughty.”
“Nothing to it,” exclaimed Ray and he told Jack the
correct ages of his sons.
How did Ray figure out the correct answer and what are
Jack’s sons’ ages?


Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Rock Pool Question.

The Question: Some octopuses, some fish and a few
mermaids were happily frolicking in a rock
pool. Altogether there were 38 arms, 24 eyes
and 8 tails all swimming in the pool.
How many mermaids were there?
First we solved the eyes because all the creatures have eyes, 24 divided by 2 = 12, which means there are 12 creatures in  total. Then we did the tails. If 8 creatures have tails then 4 creatures don’t have tails. Now we know that they are octopuses.
Secondly, we solved the arms. Knowing that octopus have 8 arms and there are only 4, we times 8 with 4 and we get 32. Because we had more arms, we took away 32 from 38 and got 6. With the 6, we divided it by 2, and that means there are 3 mermaids.
Lastly we added up the octopus and mermaids and there were only 7 in total so we knew that there are 5 fish. So in total we have 3 mermaids, 5 fish and 4 octopuses.

Here is a photo of how we sorted it out on paper.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pizza Problem Question.

The Pizza Place in my town has three
tables of the same size. The Chicken
N Chips restaurant has four of the
same sort of table.
The Chicken N Chips can just seat 24
people. How many people can The
Pizza Place seat?
Now a third of the seats at The Chicken N Chips were
empty and a half of the places at The Pizza Place were
empty. If 18 more people wanted to eat out, how many
would have to be turned away from the two restaurants?


Monday, August 19, 2013

Movie Making Reflection

Yellow Hat - The things I enjoyed
The things that I enjoyed this week in the creative strand was making the best movie with my best friends ever. And getting to hang around with them a lot. I also enjoyed being around with my classmates and having a lot of fun.

Black Hat - Which things didn't I like.
I didn't like it how we only had a little bit of time to finish off our movie but it was still cool. I also didn't like our song for our movie because it wasn't really about love but our one was about friendship so that should be ok.

Green Hat - What was something interesting about this week.
The interesting thing about this week is that in our movie we used Mr Liufau for it and it was fun filming with him. The other interesting thing that happened was that we got to use Mr Liufau’s car for our movie.

White Hat - What did I learn.
I learnt that love is not just boys liking girls and girls liking boys, it’s also about how friends love each other as well like sisters. I have also learnt how to do different kinds of shots in our movie.

Blue Hat - What can I do better next time.
I can use more people and do different kinds of shots next time and to make it more interesting to add our own costumes. And maybe we could use better things in our movie.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Our Storyboard - Oath

This is a storyboard that my friends have done during this week to help plan our movie that we are making.

TKSD Movie Room15 from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Different Kind's Of Shot's.

This is a little clip that my friends Turuhira, Kimberly and I have made today. Hope you enjoy watching it.

Line Graph Presentation.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Once Upon A Time Story Mix Up.

The sun was up and the sky was clear, Jack woke up and got changed. As he looked at his mother he knew she was getting very sick. So Jack went out for a stroll along the banks in the forest with his cow. He had to trade his cow to get some pennies from the farm. As he was walking along he saw a man named Mike wearing a long coat. Mike gave Jack three beans to swap for the cow. So Jack took it and went back home, to tell his mother the good news. But when he showed his mother she was very angry. At night time Jack planted the seeds and waited till the next morning.   

Jack woke up with a big stretch and a loud growl. He quickly jumped out of bed and ran outside like a little mouse. WOW! Jack said with a surprising face, the three beans now have been turned into a giant beanstalk that went straight through the top of the clouds in the sky. A while later Jack heard a big horn blowing and this only meant one thing, someone was missing. Jack hopped onto his horse and rode it all the way to the castle, he asked the king who’s missing your majesty” and he replied back “My Daughter”

Jack goes to rescue the kings daughter. Then Jack climbs the beanstalk and he could see trolls and a gigantic cloud with a large castle on it. Jack then sees big disgusting trolls, he sees a little door that is a secret entrance into the castle. So Jack sneaks into the castle and he sees a big giant foot right in front of his face. he looks up and and then sees a giant troll.

On the side of the castle he then sees the princess in a wooden cage where she can not free herself. Then he goes “shh shh”, she looks down and says “what are you doing here? go away!”, Jack replies “I'm here to rescue you”.

So Jane tells him where the key is to unlock the cage, but it is on a necklace that the troll is wearing. He is the king troll and his name is Toby. So Jack climbs the trolls clothes and finds the key. The troll was sleeping, when Jack tugs on his clothes the Troll wakes up and see’s Jack. But the troll thinks that Jack is an insect and just brushes him off. As Jack is brushed off he he grabs the key, unlocks the cage and free’s the princess.

But when they go out the door they bump into a shield and makes a big sound. Then the troll woke up and they were running, but suddenly the troll catches them and swallows them up. However they dodge his teeth and slide down his throat and land in his stomach.
There was a whole village living in his stomach.

The village asked “Who are you?”, The princess replied “I am princess Jane”
Then Jack asked “how do we get out of here” Then they replied “There’s no way out”
So They use the bones from people and animals that the troll has eaten and built a house.

Then Jack asked Jane if she wanted to marry him in a trolls stomach, Jane replied yes and they had their wedding in the trolls stomach. Then they had a party in the trolls heart and had a disco.

Jack and Jane lived happily ever after in the trolls disgusting body.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Prospective Student Movie.

This Movie was made from Quziah, Annliz, Elizabeth and I. Hope you enjoy.

My Reflection For This Week / De Bono’s Hats

Yellow Hat - The things I enjoyed
The things that I enjoyed this week was how to make a good movie trailer. I also liked being with my friends a lot so that they can help me for when i’m wrong on things i’m doing.

Black Hat - Which things didn't I like.
I didn't like how my team weren't working as a team most of the week. I also didn't like how sometimes they weren't focusing too much and that they weren't doing the right things at times.

Green Hat - What was something interesting about this week.
The interesting thing that happened this week is that my friend Annliz worked really hard on our storyboard and that I had a lot of help from her. The other thing was that we all agreed on what we were going to do which was awesome.

White Hat - What did I learn.
I learnt that working as a team can get your things finished in time. I also learnt that Mrs Squires told me about how I should make my movie look real and that when I am doing it I have to do it properly.

Blue Hat - What can I do better next time.
What I can do better next time is let other peoples ideas come into our movie instead of one persons idea. Also to let other new people into my group.

My Storyboard For My Movie

Friday, June 21, 2013

Prospective Student Narrative.

Climbing the vertical cliff, John balanced onto an unsteady rock. Wiping the sweat off his face he was so exhausted and did one almighty stretch up and pulled himself over the ledge. He was so relieved that he made it over the lofty mountain. John was lucky that he survived this long journey.

While walking up a steady hill John finally made it to the Dojo. Standing there with butterflies in his stomach he walked up to the door and knocked. The door opened with a creaky sound. John’s heart was beating fast. He thought that the sensei was going to let him in, but when the sensei pointed to his right, John’s face dropped. When the sensei closed the door, the boy felt sad. So John decided to meditate to prove that he could become a ninja.

The next morning John knocked on the towering door again. As the sensei opened the door, John asked “can I come in please?”. But the sensei pointed to the right again. John was wondering why he pointed so he decided to walk on.

So John kicked open the door, John had an angry frown on his face. So he waited for the sensei to turn up, John was wondering if he was going to point again or let him in.  But when the sensei pointed again, John looked at where his finger was pointing and there was a sign held up saying ‘USE THE SIDE ENTRANCE TO ENTER’. John felt embarrassed because he misunderstood what the sensei had been trying to tell him.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Michael Jackson Movie.

This is a little movie that my friends Turuhira Elizabeth and I made during this week and last week. We had to plan on what Michael Jackson song we were going to do and we decided to Heal the world. Hope you enjoy watching this video.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Friends MTV Movie.

This is an MTV movie that me and my best friends made. I hope you like it, and enjoy.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Independents / Dependants Clauses. Made From: Dante and Sesalina

This is a little movie that me and my friend Sesalina made. It is about independent clauses and dependant clauses. Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Disgusting Burgers.

While taking a walk around the neighborhood I saw a poster, it said ‘Mcdonald's was going to get shut down because there is going to be a new shop opening called Burgers Burgers’ and I knew that this wasn’t going to be good. Could you imagine every single person in G.I going into that shop skinny and then coming out fat? It would be a nightmare.

So one morning I decided to go to the shop and check it out, there were so many people inside that I couldn’t believe my eyes. This was a disaster looking at all these people eating all these burgers. I went up to the counter and looked at the menu, O.M.G I couldn’t believe it there were small burgers, medium burgers, large burgers and extra large burgers. There was even going to be a burger that was humongous that was called the humongous mac, it was going to be on sale for $10 dollars in 3 weeks.

3 weeks have gone past, and still nothing, I went to ‘Burgers Burgers’ and I saw 10 to 15 people eating the humongous mac, this was disgusting but it’s not my choice it’s theirs.


We had to build our own cuboid out of paper because there was no-more cardboard. It was a big experience at measuring and finding out how things can be equal.

This is a 2D cube the length is 14cm and the width id 4cm so if we multiply the 14cm and the 4 cm we will get 56cm2.

The next one is a 3D shape the width of this 3D shape is 3cm3.

The length of this shape is 4cm3.

The height of this 3D shape is 14cm3.

So if we multiply the width of the 3D shape, The length of the 3D shape and also the height of the 3D shape. So that will be 14cmx3cmx14cm = 588.

Monday, May 27, 2013


Things about Diabetes.

Diabetes is diagnosed when a person has too much glucose. (Too much sugar in your blood)
This happens when the pancreas does not have enough insulin. The main similarities between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes is that they both have to have insulin but type 2 diabetes is sluggish and type 1 diabetes you get from the insulin from an injection.

The main differences between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes is that Type 1 diabetes you have for the rest of your life and you to have to cope with it and you also have to take injections at least 4 times a day, breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper . Type 2 diabetes a progressive condition in that the pancreas continues to get more sluggish over time and you have to take medications recently or you will die.

The diabetics manage their illness by taking there medications every day if you have Type 2. If you have Type 1 you have to take injections on your body so that the insulin can go everywhere around your body so that you can feel like you can actually want to do something instead of feeling lazy. If you feel lazy and tired you might get into a comma and you have to go straight to the hospital. The main health risks for people who develop Type 2 diabetes are heart attacks, blindness, strokes, kidney failure and poor circulation from which the limbs will die from.

My sister Antonia Vili has Type 1 diabetes. Every single day she has to take injections at breakfast, lunch ,dinner and supper and she also has to do her finger prick before she does her jabe. Her finger prick is a little machine that has a finger pricker and a strip, she does her prick with the finger pricker and puts her blood on the strip thats on the machine, then it tells you the number like if you were 6.4 thats good if you were high like 18.7 thats bad and she has not eaten the right amount of food. If you are very high like 24.5 you will have to run to burn out the insulin inside you, and thats what my sister does. I’m not sure at what time she got her diabetes but all I know is that she was little when she got it. This macine at the bottom is the sort of machine that my sister uses and this is the sort of pricker that she uses.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Heart Attack Grill Nonsense!


As a student at my age I think that the Heart Attack Grill should not be allowed to operate in Glen Innes NZ because it will make a lot of people get addicted to fatty foods and could kill up to half of our community.

I believe that the food at the Heart Attack Grill is unhealthy and filled with a lot of fat. Their fries are deep fried in lard, which is animal fat and is known to be less healthy than vegetable fat. The worst part about the Heart Attack Grill is that they offer burgers that are 4 patties high and filled with cheese and grease, this is unhealthy and a lot of people are just ignoring it and we won’t have this nonsense in our country.

The owner of the restaurant owner is promoting obesity through his food and lifestyle. The Heart Attack Grill offers unlimited fries, fat and sugar laden drinks as well as giant sized burgers. The environment, waitresses and costuming makes the restaurant out to look like a hospital. Warning signs caution the customers on how unhealthy the food is.

The counter argument could be that the owner of The Heart Attack Grill believes he is selling a positive message. By shocking customers and the people of the USA, they will stop eating unhealthy foods. However he continues to to sell the food, kill people and make money. Is this truly a positive message or one of a murderer?

When you weigh up all of the evidence, you can conclude that the owner of The Heart Attack Grill should be held accountable and that his restaurant should not be allowed to operate in Glen Innes, or in any other country around the world.

Thursday, May 9, 2013's Surprise Donation To The NZ Children's Trust.

I think that’s song about ‘That Power’ talks about his childhood a bit and that you could share and tell your dreams to everyone and that's what he probably did with his friends and families support. This little piece of the song sort of tells me that when he says that he used to have a piggy bank but now he’s got a bigger bank, i’m imagining it in my head that when he was little he had a piggy bank with a little bit of money. But now he has his own bank and has gone richer just because of his singing which inspires a lot of people around the globe.

I saw the t.v cameras at the back of us I was so shocked because I knew that this person was going to be a really famous person. When Mr Burt told asked us if we knew the ‘Black Eyed Peas‘ I knew that it had to be one of them and when he said that it was going to be I was so shocked and my heart was beating so fast that it was like running a marathon. I said to myself that this is so awesome that is coming to P.t England school to donate $100,000 to NZ children's trust.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Dante's Maths Movie

This is a little movie that I have made about my learning in maths.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Spine Story

Once upon a time there were 2 little girls named Kim and Tura. Every day they would walk around the park looking in rubbish bins for food because they were very poor.

But one day they saw a light coming from the park it was as bright as the sun. Because of that they got up and went to go and have a look, once they got there they saw a camera. “Oh wow it’s just a camera, lets go back home Kim” Tura said with a grin on her face, “Wait lets look through it first” Kim said with a detective look in her eyes, “Its a picture of K.F.C” Kim said. Then a fairy named Linitch came down and told them that if they took a photo of anything it would come to life if they said come to life please.

So they grabbed the camera and went home with excitement, they started taking photos of Pizza, Chicken, Mcdonalds and takeaways then they said the words and poof there it was on the table they started munching on all of it because they were so hungry.

When the months past they became fatter and fatter and they couldn't even walk on there feet, they were so lazy that they couldn’t even reach the camera that was in front of them and when Tura held the camera and while she was taking some photos the camera slowly disappeared and they were left with nothing and they ended up poor again.

The moral of the story is not to eat so much junk food before you become lazy like Kim and Tura in my story.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Adding Detail to Speech - Sponge Bob

On a sunshiny day Patrick and his friend Spongebob went to the sandy beach to go surfing on the big waves.
“Wooo, Oooo“ screamed spongebob, while falling off his surfboard and into the water.
Patrick was thinking of another way to surf without falling off his board, “Oooo” Patrick replied to himself with a competitive look in his eyes.
Standing on his surfboard feeling confident he spoke out “Apply the sauce“ he grabbed his glue and squeezed it all over his feet and surfboard. “I will not be separated from this surfboard“ Patrick shouted excitedly while riding the waves.
“Rock! Separate! Separate!“ he blasted out with a scared voice, he crashed into the rock leaving his board behind but his bones with him, his body slowly floated to shore.
“I like your sandals” exclaimed Patricks skeleton,  “Thanks we’re inseparable.” replied Patricks body.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dory and Marelin - Just Keep Swimming

While Marlin was sitting on a rock feeling hopeless Dory swam to him and said with a squished up looking face ”Hey Mr Grumpy Gills, when life gets you down, you know what you gotta do?”

”I don’t want to know what you gotta do” Moaned Marlin. Grabbing Marlin’s fin they dived down into the deep dark ocean.
Dory started to sing ”Just keep swimming, just keep swimming,  just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, What do we do? We swim swim swim”
”Dory, No singing”, Marlin replied with a frown,
”I love to swim. When you want to swim” Bellowed Dory.
Swimming deeper and deeper into the ocean Dory continued singing, “See I’m gonna get stuck now with that song now it’s in my head” Marlin yelled.
“Sorry” Dory said in a gentle voice.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Eggs

Easter eggs were painted with bright colours to represent Spring and were used as gifts for people. Eggs have also been used to represent rebirth and new life. In some cultures legend states that the Earth itself hatched from a giant egg.

Lots of kids say that Easter is all about chocolate easter eggs but actually it’s not. Easter is all about Jesus and how he crucified himself to save us. Lots of people worshiped him because when he rose up from the undead people started to believe that he was the son of god and he had the power.

It says that there are symbols associated with easter eggs, it is the symbol of fertility and new life.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

All About Me And What I Do

This is a song about what we do in school. Hope you enjoy it.

Surfing dog

Cairo’s family, and their dog Coco, went on a fishing trip to Kawakawa Bay because that was there best fishing spot. They quickly packed their trailer with alot of things and off they went. Cairo’s parents were so excited to go fishing but Cairo wasn't because he did not want to go fishing he wanted to stay home and play video games.

“Were here” Cairo’s mum shouted with excitement, come on lets put the boat in the sea and lets get fishing. When the boat was in the sea they all jumped in the boat and went further to where the rocks were, then they waited for a while to see if they caught any fish. 1 hour went past and still no sign of any fish, so they went out further but as soon as they went past the humongous rock there were big waves crashing into there boat. The boat was rocking hard and then Cairo fell out into the cold, and salty water, he was scared, so Cairo’s dog Coco jumped into the water and helped Cairo get back on the boat.

Once Cairo was in the boat the waves pushed the boat to shore leaving the dog out at sea he was going further and further out, but then he saw a surfboard and quickly dog paddled to the surfboard. Coco was barking and barking to see if anyone was out there but there was no one there. A big wave coming towards him, he stood up on the board and started to surf he was shocked that he knew how to surf but when he was finished he fell face down on his board and floated towards a little island with sand.

He was so happy to be on land but he didn’t know where in the world he was. Nervously waiting, he laid down on the hot sand and waited for someone to rescue him. Then there was a familiar sound coming from a distance, it was Cairo calling out to him, he jumped in the salty water and dog paddled to the boat. Coco was so happy to be back with his family.

5 Week Reflection

This is a movie that me and my best friends have made about our 5 week reflection. Hope you like it.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Dog Surfing Sentences

1) Where am I?
2) Yesterday morning my family and I went on a scavenger hunt.
3) Across the clashing waves towards browns island, the dogs were surfing.
4) Carefully gliding towards shore, the dogs surf board unfortunately broke.
5) Tiredly walking to find something to eat because my body is weak.
6) Carving another surf board my paws barely touched the wood.
7) Jumping on the hot sand, my paws were ready to carve a new surf-board.
8) Happily celebrating, the dog finished off the board and was ready to go back home.
9) "Look I can see people" he woofed.
10) Finally i'm back on shore with my family.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

'The Car Suddenly Stopped'

One foggy morning, Sam went for a walk to the shop. He was walking and walking until he heard a beeping noise coming from a far distance. The sound was coming closer and closer until the driver saw Sam and ‘the car suddenly stopped with a skidding sound’. The driver jumped out of the car and went to Sam and asked him if he was alright, and Sam said “ Yes I am “ in a shaking, and scared voice. Sam was so scared that he thought he was going to probably die, but luckily the driver saw him and stopped quickly.........

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Dangerous Black Hole!

On a rainy day, I had just finished work. My friend Josephine came up to me and asked if I wanted to go to a party across from her house.  I said no because I had to get home.

I heard a noise, a moan, coming from across the street, I looked and there was an old man next to a trolley, dying. So  I went over to help him, he said he wanted to die but for people to remember that the Black Hole lives but there are consequences. And then he gave me a blank piece paper. I thought “Man, this is creepy and really weird.” Looking back over my shoulder, I saw the old man had disappeared.

Once at home, I hung the piece of paper on the fridge and went straight to sleep, despite feeling a little creepy. After 2 hours had past I heard some noises coming from the kitchen, so I got up and found out that now there was a big black circle in the middle of the blank paper. I went to go and touch it but it made an even bigger noise that sounded like a magnet.

I put my whole hand through the paper and managed to pull out a chocolate from inside the fridge. Looking inside the fridge, indeed the chocolate was gone. To test it, I put the chocolate back inside the black hole and it magically ended up back in the fridge. “This is amazing”!

The problem was that I didn’t know what he meant by ‘The Black Hole lives but there are consequences’ Days went past and I didn't know what to do with it, so I looked it up online and there was nothing but the black holes in space, but I didn’t want that. So then I went to work and sat on my chair for hours on how I could use and if I could make wishes on it, and this is when the problems started. When I put my hand through it there were hurricanes everywhere in the west side then I quickly put my hand back out, then I thought to myself that it needed to be destroyed or else someone could find it and do bad things to the world, like awaken the devil from hell.

Nervously waiting on what to do I got a pair of scissors and started chopping it up but then it went back together I tried doing alot of things like wetting it, ripping it, flushing it but it would always come back to me. I was getting frustrated and I think that I had to wait for a miracle so I went straight to bed and waited for the next day to come. Before I wanted to get out of my bed I saw the black hole on the paper getting bigger and bigger then it sucked me into it.

I was never found from that day, but the black hole was never discovered either. I had managed to blow it up with the bomb I had with me. Sadly I also managed to blow myself up along the way.