Friday, October 28, 2011


My Favorite Highlight in my holidays.

Who came to Ngaruawahia in my family:

Nana - Lorraine
Mum - Liz
Dominic - Brother
Vaughn - Sister
Dante - Me
Emanuelle - Sister
Antonia - Sister
Bethany - Sister
Marley - Brother
and Ginaya - Sister
These are all my brothers and sisters, Nana and my mum

The first thing I did was that I had to help my mum pack our stuff. Then we put them outside and waited for the Church Van to come and pick us up. So my mum made us some dinner to take with us in case we were hungry. As soon as we got to Church we sat down and ate some food like Hot Chips and Burgers. The doctor family were all ready there eating Hot Chips and Chicken mmmmmm, doesn't that sound delicious to you well it does to me. After that more and more people came there were 2 bus's there. There was a Big bus and a Small bus most of the people went to the Big Bus but I went to the Small bus because it was worm and smelled nice not like the other one it smelled like smoke but it was warm too. Next we went on the bus and I found the perfect space to sit. It was right next to the window were I could see lots of lights. It was so cool to get out of Auckland for the 3rd time. It took 2 hours to get to Ngaruawahia. When we got there the Vaafusuangas were all ready there making sausages sizzles and there were all so apples and drinks there for us. I had about 2 saussage sizzles and 3 drinks that tasted like it had fizzy drink mixed with juice that tasted really nice. Then we took all of our stuff to our Cabin 2B and next to us were these girls after we finished packing our stuff we went to the game room and sat on the ground to see what we were going to do next. The next thing we did was that two people named Marlyse and Matt put us into 4 groups and those groups were named Georgia, Namibia, Russia, and Romania. The group that I was in was Namibia lot's of people were in there. What we had to do was to think of something to do in front of all the other country's. In my team we painted our hands that had letters on for Namibia and I was the first A. Then it was time to show it off our one went something like this ( Give me an N N you got your N you got your N give me an A A you got your A you got your A Give me a M M you got your M you got your M Give me an I I you got your I you got your I Give me a B B you got your B you got your B Give me an I I you got your I you got your I Give me an A A you got your A you got your A) My aunty was the N I was the A my friend Jessica was M and I was J.T B was my sister Antonia the I was Tateana and A was my other aunty. The winning team was everyone. After that we grabbed this Shaving cream because we didn't have any snow then we had Hundred and Thousands, and of course chocolate. We had to choose 2 people to get all dirty. And it was my friend Jessica and my other friend Levi. What we had to do was that we had to cover them up with Shaving cream for a start then add some sprinkles to decorate them. After that they had to go and take a shower in the bath rooms. Then we had to go to bed after every think was packed away and tidy for Saturday the next day. I couldn't go to sleep because this moth was outside by the light and kept on going on the light and off, it didn't end until 2:35am in the morning so I didn't have that much fun that night but it was awesome.

In the morning we got dressed into our other clothes and went inside the dining room to have some nice breakfast. I had Rice Bubbles and 2 toast with Peanut Butter it was delicious I had breakfast with my friend Jessica and my sister Vaughn. After that we had to do Aerobics to keep us fit what we had to do was that we went up to the chapel and did it there (Its like a kind of church.) After that we went to the big field to play three games. The first game was to put your face in the bucket of apples in jelly a boy named Jonty went first. The rules in this game was to not use any hands you could pass it by your mouth or your shoulder so that was a tough challenge we cheated by using our t-shirts. The second game we played was one with toilet paper and water we had to put the toilet paper inside the water and trow it at the other team and that was an awesome game. The third game was duck duck goose yes it is the same as the normal one but we had real eggs the rules for this game was to get an egg and when you reach the person you want then you crack the egg on there head and run round the circle and back to there spot. When it was my tern I cracked the egg on a man named Matt but if he taged me that person got to sauce there head and my sister Emmy did, but I made it. After that we had to eat, what we had eaten was Ice-cream and banana inside with chocolate sauce lots and lots of it. How it started to be a food fight it all started when my mum Elizabeth ate some Ice-cream she flicked it at my cousin Ramona and then she put some on my mums head, and that's how it started to be a food fight. but I didn't want to play I just wanted to eat but then my sister came up be hind me and she had a hand full of Ice-cream and put it on my face so then I joined in, after that we had to clean up. But the kids had to wash them self and they could go any where, what I did first was that I went to the showers to wash out the chocolate and the sprinkles out my hair. After that I went to the swimming pool inside this gate, it was a small pool but it was so warm, my sister vaughn and my new friend Jessica and I went together. Then people called out that it was time to play "PAINT BALL" My brother Dominic gave 5 dollars for me and him, then we went to a field that had targets everywhere. The equipment that we had was a Slingshot, a helmet and 5 little green balls that look like marbles after we were ready we could do the targets. There were three targets in front of us and I tried to do them but I didn't know how to use the Slingshot so I tried one near bye, it was a body and I aimed for the face and when I did it It sounded like this "SPLOSH" the paint went all over it. After that we had to get into 4 groups my group was with my brother and sister (Dominic and Vaughn) and Athena so we went into a spot that we could shot the other people. Suddenly Matt and Marlyce (the people that are taking care of it) said to us that there was going to be a Death Match so we did not go into teams we had to shot each other if you got Slingshot then you had to stay out and watch the other people. The only people that were left was me and a boy named Jonty. Lots of the green balls fell out his pocket and I picked it up and slingshot him. That was my favourite part of the holidays hope you liked my awesome story.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The First Day of Term 4!!

I really liked our new topic called “ OUTTA THIS WORLD, it was all about Planets and Galaxy's. I saw some teachers with Alien masks on that looked really creepy to me.
My favourite highlight at the Immersion Assembly was the introduction. It was really cool when I saw all these planets, and I didn’t know that Earth was that small. These are the planets that go in order that I saw on the big screen. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, the Moon, Mars, Cease, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Eris. WOW that is lots.What I have learned was that there are lots of galaxy’s and planets. My favourite planet is Saturn because of the beautiful rings around it. If I went to Saturn I would bring a little bag so that I could bring something that is in space to my country and show them what I have collected, and I might even be famous by the end of the day.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Favourite Highlight on my brothers Birthday.

On Saturday I went to my brothers house because it was his birthday. So me and my family had to cook lots of food ( because there were 14 there) After that my mum said to me that I had to look after my brother so me and my little baby brother Marley went to the playground, while my sisters were inside watching T.V. Then I took him back and went with my sister Vaughn to my friends house and we were playing on the trampoline and put loud as music on, it was so loud that I think from a cross the road could hear it. When I was there I noticed that she had eye contacts on, that suited her and she looked so pretty. Next we went back to my brothers house and there were more people there were 6 more people so that is 20 people altogether WOW! So then it was time to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIM, then we could eat. I ate egg, Chocolate Crackles and mini pies (I had 2 of them) Then we sat down and had a drink and watched T.V and then we went home. Man that was an awesome day because it was a very hot day.