Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cross Country

Today the whole school did cross country on the field. When the second bell rang we went on the foot path and waited for the race to begin. I started to feel really scared and nervous when we went to go into our age lines (of our groups.)
Suddenly it was our turn to go on to the field, after the 10 year old boys. As soon as the boys got out the gate our race started with a loud BANG! Every one started to run. We were all running in a bunch. I sprinted as fast as I could and I was coming first until I got to the gate. I jogged all the way to the huge tree but then I sprinted because I know that champions never give up. So I kept on running until I got to the finish line. Heather was catching up to me so I ran fast but then it was a tie between me and Heather. I did not know what I came because I had a dry mouth and I needed some water. Finally I said to myself that that it was over. The End.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Jesse Martin Storm

The violent wind whipped spray off the sea slapping Jesse Martin’s face like an angry lady. As he was struggling to walk to the bow of the boat the wind nearly blew him overboard. Unfortunately the strong wind pushed him and made him stumble, but luckily he got hold of a grip of the boat and held on tight.

As Jesse Martin was grinning the winch the wind was howling strong in his face. It was like a powerful and strong wizard telling him off. When the wind nearly blew him overboard he yelled out so loud ‘’HELP’’ he yelled and his voice was losing.

Friday, August 20, 2010


Chocolate is the best sweet I have ever tasted. The first chocolate I have eaten were pineapple lumps. They were so delicious because of the flavour.

I like different types of chocolate. My favourite chocolates are Pineapple lumps, Chocolate peanuts, Dairy milk, Milk chocolate, Forest, and chocolate hearts. I love chocolate, and chocolate cake.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Favourite part at the Maritime Museum

On Tuesday we went to the Maritime Museum to learn about a lot of stuff about different kind of boats. Many people go there to learn about the sailor's and what they use to travel on. Our first activity was a guided tour with Salty Sam, a gruff, and grumpy, man who bellowed out orders to us. He was dressed up as a captain and even sounded like one.

A minute later Salty Sam showed us us an replica of immigrant ships cabin. It was dark and dingy and I was the one who was sitting next to the dummy of an immigrant who was creepy. Suddenly the cabin started gently rolling and it was a bit scary too. After the immigrant ship Salty Sam took us to the flat bottom scalt to do a steering test with him.

One part of the tour was a replica of an Immigrant ships cabin to find out what it was like for the Immigrants coming to New Zealand. The Immigrant ship’s cabin had 10 beds on each side and it was for the people that came from another place. There was a toilet and a place to wash yourself in. It was creepy when I was next to the dummy, I tried to sit down but his hand was in the way.THE END