Friday, September 23, 2011


In stead of playing Badminton on Thursday’s we do Aussie Rules. Aussie Rules is a great thing to be taught about. We have been introduced by a lady named Megan, who is going to talk to us about Aussie Rules. When we were there she took us on to the field and told us to either bob down or sit on the grass. We also learn about how to bounce the ball, bouncing the ball was easy but the drop punt was kind of tricky to me. Anyways Megan said to us that we had to bounce the ball every 10 steps or 20 meters. I am use to bouncing a rugby ball because I have 1 at home that I practice with after my homework. That was one of my favourite things.
My favourite game was when we had to get a rugby ball and to pretend that there was a river between the Tigers ( My team) and the lions ( Mr Somerville's team) After that a man named Johnny told us that when you kick the ball it has to come over the other teams head and land on the ground. The first team to win was the Tigers but then we had a second match then the lions won. But then it was time to go to class, and it was an awesome day so maybe one day you should try it. Thank you for listing to my story about Aussie Rules.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Rugby World Cup 2011

My favourite part of the Rugby World Cup was when a boy was walking through names of rugby players on the ground. The last name was Jonah Lomu he is the best Rugby player I have ever seen and herd about. After that they both walked to a tall trophy that had a girl singing a beautiful song that I would like to learn, when I grow up just like her because she has a beautiful voice and she is pretty. Maybe one day I would be just like her.

My 2nd favourite Highlight was the Fire Works. They looked so cool when Mr Somerville ( My teacher) showed me on his Mac Book, but I really wished that I would of been there but I was at my Church Camp. To bad I couldn’t see the Rugby World Cup 2011, opening ceremony in Auckland. Some people from my school said that some of the Fire works came out the Sky Tower. And I said Wow that sounds awesome. My teacher Mr Somerville said that he was trying to get on a train but all the trains were filled because of the people at Sylvia Park, and I just laughed.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jonah Lomu.

Hi my name is Dante Bartlett and today I'm writing about my favourite All Blacks player. Jonah Lomu is one of my favourite All Black players. He does the most hardest and strongest tackles. His full name is Jonah Tali Lomu and his position on field is wing. He was born on the 12 of May 1975. Rugby union is New Zealand's most popular sport school. He attended Wesley College, Pukekohe. He was inducted to the International Rugby Hall of Fame on the 9th of October 2007. After that Jonah Lomu started to be the best All Black Rugby player. Jonah Lomu ROCKS!!!! One day I wish to meet Jonah Lomu because he is awesome and cool.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Broncos vs Sea Eagles.

Yesterday night I watched the Broncos and the Sea Eagles playing rugby on T.V . And do you
know who I saw? I saw Darren lockyer. Darren Lockyer is one of my favourite rugby players. When I watched them play I knew that Broncos was going to win and you know what, they did. So me and my dad and my sisters started to cheer for them it was 18 to 10 it was a tough game. Lots of them played really well and so good. But if I were there I would cheer so loud saying'' GO BRONCOS GO BIT THAT TEAM DOWN'' Here is a video of them playing. Hope you like it.