Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cross Country

Today the whole school did cross country on the field. When the second bell rang we went on the foot path and waited for the race to begin. I started to feel really scared and nervous when we went to go into our age lines (of our groups.)
Suddenly it was our turn to go on to the field, after the 10 year old boys. As soon as the boys got out the gate our race started with a loud BANG! Every one started to run. We were all running in a bunch. I sprinted as fast as I could and I was coming first until I got to the gate. I jogged all the way to the huge tree but then I sprinted because I know that champions never give up. So I kept on running until I got to the finish line. Heather was catching up to me so I ran fast but then it was a tie between me and Heather. I did not know what I came because I had a dry mouth and I needed some water. Finally I said to myself that that it was over. The End.

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