Friday, August 5, 2011


On a Sunday morning I went to church. After that we went to my Nana’s to have lunch my cousin Tamika came with us. The first thing we went to do was that we ate some lunch. We had little pies that are called’’ party pies’’ and toasties with cheese and ham and some spaghetti toasties. Next my brother went to Sylvia Park to change 3 of his PS3 games to a NARUTO game. While he was there me and my sister and cousin went up stairs and played fashion show. My cousin had to give me and my sister some close that we could put on in my sisters room. We tried lots of clothes on but then we had it me and my sister were wearing short shorts and cool as t-shirts. Then we had to take it off and put on our normal clothes and go home. That was a really fun time.

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