Monday, December 3, 2012

The end of the year reflections

What I liked about being a year 7:

Being a year 7 was awesome because of all the cool things we could do, and I also like being a year 7 because we can take our net books home and we could use them every where. Like for example how you take a phone around a net book is sort of the same but bigger. I am really going to miss being a year 7 but I am going to move on to being a year 8 next year in 2013.

What's going to happen next year for me:

I cant wait until next year because I am going to be a year 8, and what I am focusing on this year and next year is to do all of my work properly and to try and achieve in my goals that I am going to do. I also want achieve in the work I do at school like maths, reading and writing, these are the things that I am really focusing on in my work at the moment.

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