Friday, April 5, 2013

Adding Detail to Speech - Sponge Bob

On a sunshiny day Patrick and his friend Spongebob went to the sandy beach to go surfing on the big waves.
“Wooo, Oooo“ screamed spongebob, while falling off his surfboard and into the water.
Patrick was thinking of another way to surf without falling off his board, “Oooo” Patrick replied to himself with a competitive look in his eyes.
Standing on his surfboard feeling confident he spoke out “Apply the sauce“ he grabbed his glue and squeezed it all over his feet and surfboard. “I will not be separated from this surfboard“ Patrick shouted excitedly while riding the waves.
“Rock! Separate! Separate!“ he blasted out with a scared voice, he crashed into the rock leaving his board behind but his bones with him, his body slowly floated to shore.
“I like your sandals” exclaimed Patricks skeleton,  “Thanks we’re inseparable.” replied Patricks body.

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