Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Sister's Birthday

It was my sisters birthday on the 16th of May. Before we had to go to the birthday we went to go and buy her presents. I bought her finger lights, my sister Emmy bought her paint and my other sister Antonia bought her earrings. After that we finally went to my sisters birthday. I counted 22 people had come along. We went to go and get her friends so they could join us at the birthday. Finally we got to eat! Luckily there was mountains of opened my present first with excitement. Her friend gave her stickers and a bracelet and my brother's friend gave her hair clips. After that it was cake time and it was so delicious because my Nana bought a big sponge cake and had put sprinkles and icing sugar on top. She didn't forget the candles. Then we went to go and play video games with my brother. My sister and I were painting other peoples faces for fun. After a long day we finally went home to have a rest. This was the coolest day ever!


  1. Hi Dante,
    I enjoyed reading about your sister's birthday. What's your sister name and how old did she turn? I love cake at birthdays. It sounds like you had lots of fun. Keep up the great writing.

    From Miss Lavakula

  2. Hello Baby,
    That was an awesome story about Vaughn's 11th birthday..I cant wait for you to write more stories like that..

    Love you Baby..