Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My holiday Highlight

At mission Bay I went in the water with my sister and got some shells so we can look at them.In the water were heaps of people and a couple of boats. After a long swim we went home in the after noon.I really enjoyed my time at the beach with my family especially because it was the first beach I had gone to.It was so fun I wanted to stay longer but it was getting late so we had to go home and have a rest and eat more food.


  1. Hi Dante

    It sounds like you had a great time at the beach with your family. How many shells did you collect?
    Keep up the great work.

  2. Ki ora Dante
    I enjoyed reading your story about swimming at Mission Bay. Mission Bay is one of my favourite places too but not for swimming. I love to go and get fish and chips from the takeaways there a sit on the besch with my family. If we dont finish them all we throw them to the seagulls. Sounds like you like swimming a lot. Keep up the writing I cant wait to read about your next adventure

  3. Hi Dante, thank you for my poem, I wrote you one back.
    Rubies are red, the sky is blue, I wrote this poem just for you.