Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Canterbury Earthquake.

An Earthquake hit Christ Church and caused a lot of damage. It happened at 4 am, Saturday morning, unfortunately striking a lot of houses which collapsed. The measurement of the Earthquake was 7.1 on the Richer scale. Its epicenter was 10 kilometers down beneath the earth.

There was extensive damage caused by the earthquake over a large area.
A lot of houses were split into two. Some houses collapsed, at least 100 000 homes were damaged and about 450 need to be demolished. The whole place was littered with rubble and sea of mud from the unstable grounds.

The earthquake caused many dangers both during and after it unexpectedly happened. People huddled under doorways to avoid getting crushed. Many others evacuated. people had to watch out for bricks failing on cars and falling glass. There were ruptured water and sewage pipes. They always have to watch out because contaminated
water could give you diseases.


  1. Hi Dante

    Great writing about the Christchurch earthquake. It's so sad hearing about what happened on the news. I hope the area recovers quickly and that people's lives can get back to normal as quickly as possible. Keep up the good work.

    Mrs Lagitupu

  2. Hi Dante

    Good writting about the earthquake in christchurch lots of people had lost their homes I feel very sad about that. very good vocab like ruptured I don't even know what that mean's.

    Keep the good work up.