Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Little Critters.

Little Critters.
First we went into the hall for Immersion Assembly and that’s where we found out? There were alot of people who had costumes on, such as bees, butterflies, ladybirds, and snails. The best ladybirds I saw was Miss Walters and Miss Lavakula.

Mr Burt was crawling on the floor, he said, ‘’I am a mosquito a nasty one’’. He tried to chase after Mr J saying something about blood. It was disgusting and made me shudder. Luckily it was time for team 1 to come up on stage.They were spiders except for Miss Wild she was Little Miss Muffet. They were singing Incy Wincy spider and Little Miss Muffet, but my favourite song was Little Miss Muffet because when the spider sat on her shoulder she screamed and my ears were shattering. That was the funniest part about it.

My next favourite was team 4. When it was time for team 4, their team was called a Bee Colony. Mr Barks was a beautiful queen, dressed in a wavy blond wig with a crown who had 4 eggs. He had bees who worked for him who were feeding, cleaning, and cooling him down. The 4 workers were Mrs Squires Miss King Miss Garden and Miss Va’afusuaga.

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