Friday, November 19, 2010


Eagerly awaiting our swim we all had life Jackets to put on. some of them were a fit tight and some of them fitted snugly. When I put on my life Jackets I was shivering and shuddering. Fidgeting with excitement I couldn’t wait to get inside the pool. ‘’You can hop in now.’’said Chris.’’Yay I cheered.

Chris , a kind and helpful man , had come to talk about water safety. He is staying with us until the end of the term. Amazingly Chris had brought a portable pool with him too it was big. I thought to myself that maybe 30 people can fit inside the pool. I was right but it was a bit of a squash.

When I first went inside the pool my teeth were charting and my body was shivering and shacking. We had to go into our help position. There was alot of screaming and squealing but I didn’t I was relaxing.We learn the help position to conserve your energy that when you lean back cross your arms on your chest and float.

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