Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Pet Camel.

Me and my friend Tui decided to have a holiday at Egypt where we could get lots and lots and lots of gold. But the problem that there was a camel and no one seemed to own it so me and Tui were going to ride on it but it was quit hard to, you know get on it.Tui and I were thinking of bringing it home but what would mum and dad say they might get frightened. So then we went on to the plane but what about the camel so of course I had to bye an enormous suit case and then my camel and some of my clothes to cover him went in the suit case and in to the plane we went. When we went home mum and dad did get angry about the camel but we could still keep it I was so happy. But all dads under pants were missing and I knew who it was it was the camel.

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