Thursday, June 16, 2011

Partley Cloudley.

The movie that we have seen in room 17 was called" Partley Cloudly".
In the story there are 2 characters it is a cloud that made dangerous things and a stork that delivers.
This story was set up in a sky with clouds around it making things to deliver to mums and dads.
It starts starts off with stokes flying through the air and delivering things to animals, and people.
The main action is the cloud making dangerous baby animals. Then he has a stork that all ways gets hert.
This ends with the cloud being angry because he thinks his stork is working with another cloud. But he is actually getting armer from the other cloud so he can be safe.
I really like it so I'm going for 10/10. I like it because it is interesting and funny and it has lots of clouds making animals and baby's.

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