Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Favourite Highlight on my brothers Birthday.

On Saturday I went to my brothers house because it was his birthday. So me and my family had to cook lots of food ( because there were 14 there) After that my mum said to me that I had to look after my brother so me and my little baby brother Marley went to the playground, while my sisters were inside watching T.V. Then I took him back and went with my sister Vaughn to my friends house and we were playing on the trampoline and put loud as music on, it was so loud that I think from a cross the road could hear it. When I was there I noticed that she had eye contacts on, that suited her and she looked so pretty. Next we went back to my brothers house and there were more people there were 6 more people so that is 20 people altogether WOW! So then it was time to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIM, then we could eat. I ate egg, Chocolate Crackles and mini pies (I had 2 of them) Then we sat down and had a drink and watched T.V and then we went home. Man that was an awesome day because it was a very hot day.

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