Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My favorite part of the holidays.

In the holidays I went to the pools with my family. We went to the Swimarama pools in panmure because it was a really hot day. When we first went in, my mum had to pay for my sisters and brothers my dad and me. Then we went to the changing room to get changed in to our swimming togs, after that we went to the outside pools with my family and they all went into the pool because the hydroslide was not open yet. Then a few minutes later it opened and all the kids rushed to it. When I went up the stairs and reached the top I was so tied that I went down the hydroslide, but it was so cold. After I went down I saw my aunty there with her camera taking photos of me and my big brother Dominic and my big sister Vaughn. And that was my favorite highlight of the holidays.

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