Monday, March 19, 2012

Camp! Day 1-2

Well guess what next week on the 12th to the 14th of March the year’s 7/8 have camp. I’m so ecstatic and excited about it because we are going to doalot of cool things like sleeping and eating and also doing activities. The main thing about it is having fun with your friends and teachers. I really hope that everyone will have a great time at camp and will be happy and not sad.

Old School Games.
The first activity we did was Old School Games with Mr Harris. The first game we played was with balloons and string, what we had to do was blow up the balloon and wrap the string around it, then we had to tie it around our leg then start popping each others balloons. After that we played a game called Captain on deck, it was a really cool game because lots of people lost and they would have to stand by the stage and stay there until the whole game was finished.

Amazing Race.
When we were inside the Markey waiting for all the kids to come Mr Barks was showing us a sling shot that he made and a little ball made out of paper. He said that we had to hit the buckets that have 10,20,50 and 100 and those will be the points that we get and if it went inside the bucket we would double the number. So we started making our sling shot with a stick and string and also Tyre rubber (witch was the sling to hold the ball and aim it to the right direction. The next activity we did for amazing race was that we got into a group of six and went different ways to find stuff to make an egg. First Turuhira and I went down to the beach and had to find a sign that has a star and there will be wood there, the other couples went to the GI swimming pools and got given a little block of wood, then at the bakery we got and egg, and at the office we got matches and at the tree we got a big can and ran straight to where Mr Barks and Mrs Langitupu were. We had to make a tea then put the block on the inside it and lit the little block thing on fire and put the tin on it and crack the egg, then it would be cooking and ready.

When we went to do some boxing in the breeze with these 3 men we had to put boxing gloves on and the other person had to put something on I forgot what it was called. Then we did some boxing but Turuhira and I got into trouble a few times because we were hitting each other with the gloves but we had fun doing boxing and hitting each other with it. It was
so fun but we had to move on to our next rotation.

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