Friday, October 26, 2012

Buzzy The Bee

On a beautiful sunny evening  my toy, Buzzy the bee, went to the library to find some books to take home. But there was a problem he didn’t know what to put his books in so that he could take it home.

So he went to the counter and saw a little red shiny trailer, so he thought and thought and thought how he could get it and the counter lady said “The only way to get this trailer is to ask” so he asked her very politely and he got it. The lady at the counter was really happy about his attitude so she gave him a blue lollipop to take home. He said “ Thank you very much “ and she said “ You're welcome”

After that he went to the childrens books to find some books. He found really good books called “What the ladybug heard and Little miss trouble”. Those two books were his favourite books. But he had a little think about it because he was going to have to take really good care of the books and to make sure its not ripped or drawn on.


  1. Hi Dante it's Emmy,
    I like your story about a buzzy bee and I like your picture to. By Emmy in room 14.

  2. Hello Dante,
    Awesome writing I liked how you wrote thought three times.
    Lovely drawing by the way. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.