Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fictional Text Of 'The Wing Of Maui's Moa'

This is a photo I took of the book that I read about.

On a stormy night Maui called out to his Moa to come and rescue him because he was in the ocean, but his Moa was so far away, so he had to try and climb to safety. But then there was a humongous animal inside the water and Maui didn’t know what it was, so he tried to swim as fast as he can to get as close to shore. But then the sea animal grabbed Maui and dragged him down into the deep sea, so Maui grabbed his sword and stabbed the sea animal. After that it was the next day Maui was so angry that he felt like killing something, so he called his Moa again then his Moa came, and quickly Maui picked up his Moa and threw it across the sea. The Moa was trying to fly but then it just ended up on a hill filled with grass, then Maui went away with a sad look on his face while the Moa was on the hill dying with pain.

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