Monday, February 11, 2013

Family Outing

Last week on Wednesday morning my family and I went to P.t England beach because it was a hot sunny day. When we first got there we saw alot of people walking on the beach, going fishing and jumping off the rock and doing big bombs in the water.

Then we had some fish and chips from the Pt England fish and chip shops and it was yummy,
we also had some fizzy drinks with our lunch. So my family and I went for a swim and we had a competition for who could swim out as far as we could and I was the winner, only because I was holding on to my rugby ball but know one noticed. After swimming my sisters and I started digging a deep hole into the sand, when we were finished I went in the hole and  it came up to my knees.

Next we covered ourselves with sand and just laid there relaxing, after a few minutes we had to go home because it was getting a bit late, so we got ourselves dressed and went back home. It was a really good and sunny day and the best thing about the beach is that you can have a really good time with your family and lie under the hot sun, and also playing sports!

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