Tuesday, February 5, 2013

' Lollipop Moments'

A Lollipop Moments is when you do something nice for someone else and make them feel happy. For example if you ask your mum if she needs help with the washing and she says ‘yes’ then it makes her feel happy because then she doesn't have to do it herself instead.

There was also a clip that Miss King showed us of  how Drew Dudley helped a man change a woman's life. The woman was scared to go to University but then her luck changed, there was a man giving out lollipops to everyone and when the man gave it to another man he said “ Give this lollipop to the lovely woman next to you” and he was scared to do it but he loved her and so he gave her the lollipop.

The main message about the clip is to be a capable leader and showing everyone your respect and your personality, and doing small things can make a big difference to everyone.

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