Thursday, May 30, 2013

Disgusting Burgers.

While taking a walk around the neighborhood I saw a poster, it said ‘Mcdonald's was going to get shut down because there is going to be a new shop opening called Burgers Burgers’ and I knew that this wasn’t going to be good. Could you imagine every single person in G.I going into that shop skinny and then coming out fat? It would be a nightmare.

So one morning I decided to go to the shop and check it out, there were so many people inside that I couldn’t believe my eyes. This was a disaster looking at all these people eating all these burgers. I went up to the counter and looked at the menu, O.M.G I couldn’t believe it there were small burgers, medium burgers, large burgers and extra large burgers. There was even going to be a burger that was humongous that was called the humongous mac, it was going to be on sale for $10 dollars in 3 weeks.

3 weeks have gone past, and still nothing, I went to ‘Burgers Burgers’ and I saw 10 to 15 people eating the humongous mac, this was disgusting but it’s not my choice it’s theirs.

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