Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dante's Weekend

On Saturday I went to the movies and watched street dance 3D. I went with my brothers Friends and him , and sisters . It was fun because my brother and his friend went to a different movie. I ate an ice cream and my sisters had popcorn. My favourite part is when a girl named Chloe had no Friends to dance with and so she went to get some people to join her group. The boy who was the champion in Chloe's team went in the other and his team was the best. After that she went to go and get her group to practice doing there dance because there tournament was coming up in 4 weeks and they had to be good. After that we ate some more food because we were hungry and thirsty. Then the movie was finish so we had to go and Waite outside for my nana to get us and my brothers friends. So then we went to MC Donald's to eat some lunch. Finally the train arrived but it was to late because the elevator was going up to slow so we had to Waite for another 30 minutes. Suddenly the train came and then we went on, and the train started to move and we went home and I played play station 2. This was the best time at the movies ever.


  1. Hi Dante,
    I liked the way you explained in detail what you did in the weekend. I still haven't seen StreetDance yet. Did you have to wear those funny 3D glasses?

    From Miss Lavakula

  2. Hi Miss Lavakula yes I did haft to wear those funny glasses and when I took them off it looked all fuzzy. My food I got was ice cream and a fanta drink It was so yummy. The coolest part is when they peform in front of the ordents and was the winners and that was the best movie ever. Any way thanks for the comment Miss Lavakula that you done thank you. From Dante.