Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Big Foot Adventures.

Big Foot Adventures come to my school

Yesterday room15 went on the senior courts to learn how to learn how to ride a bikes. The people who helped us to learn about bikes was Tony and Adrian.They were teaching us what parts of the bike there is and how to put a helmet on. After that Tony started to hand out the bikes, there was orange,green, and there was also big orange ones but there was only one. It wasn't fun when I standed and watched so I asked Miss Squires '' can you tell Tony if I could ride a bike and he said yes you can. It was so fun by myself because I had more turns then the other people. FINALLY WE GOT TO SET ON THE GRASS AND RELAX FOR A COUPLE OF SECONDS. My favourite part is when we were on the grass and doing a relay and standing up on the bike. My second favourite part is when we played follow the leader because we had to do copy the actions like him.

We were listening attentively to Tony as he was talking about safety precautions. Then they went to go and get the correct safety equipment as we go on the bike. He also said that '' we had to check if our bike was in good working order.
As I was going over the ramps of the obstacle course. I pushed my self to the limit to try to do my best and going in between the cones. Tony was showing us how to go on the ramps and cones.

Suddenly Adrian said to Tony to switch over. Tony's group went to the hand signals. It was so much fun when we had to do the hand signals because some people nearly fell of like Lola nearly fell of the bike. I felt so nervous when I was doing hand signals because it felt like I might fall down.It was tricky manoeuvring around the cones.

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