Friday, June 25, 2010

One tree hill

On Tuesday we went to one tree hill but before we went to the trip we had to go to the hall to talk with Mr Burt about our trip. He started to talk about the activities that we would be doing on our trip. After that we went out of the hall and went on the bus.

When we went in the bus we started to get excited about it. After that people started screaming and I tried to sleep but people kept on talking and I just couldn't have a rest. Thanks to the bus drivers we couldn't done it with out them and thanks to the parents for helping. It was fun when Lola and Heather were playing sweet and sour which is a cool game,and as they were playing I was counting, how many people but some people were moving and I had to count again.

Finally we got there and it was so smoggy I nearly went into some and I almost fell over. But I was okay. Then we saw some hearts and some words in a big hole. Do you know that a man called Logan Campbell planted 500 plants? After that we had morning tea, what I had was an apple and my le snack it was so yummy that I tried to have some more.

Finally we walked to the top of One Tree Hill and looked around the place and counted how many volcanoes there were.

For our last activity we we played capture the flag that was the last time we had to look at it but sometimes people can go and see it again and learn about it and that's cool. After that we went to go and eat some lunch.

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  1. Kia Ora Dante,
    That was a great piece of writing about One Tree Hill. I didn't know that Logan Campbell planted 500 trees, I wonder how long it took him?
    You've done a great job blogging and leaving us comments on our posts. Thanks Dante.

    From Miss Lavakula and Room 10