Monday, May 30, 2011

Magic Carpet Storie.

On August the sixteenth it was my birthday. I decided to bring my BFF Jay’lee. We were going on a vacation to Hawaii. Isn't that awesome? The first thing we went to was a beautiful beach that was see through so we could see all the fish and sea horses. Then we went back on to the hot sand and had a rest. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! “What?” said Jay’lee. “There is a Magic carpet on top of me!” Then Jay’lee fainted. I was frightened but the Magic Carpet was so kind that he took us to our parents and Jay’lee was all right. Then mum asked, “What is this Carpet doing here?” I said, “I’m keeping it in my room.”

‘’YEAH,’’ Mum said. We could keep it, I was so happy that I ran around the field 2 times. I called her Jordan Sparkes. She took us every where we wanted to go. It was fun. The last thing that we wanted to go to was the sky tower. So we started going up up up and the carpet banged in to the sky tower, and then me and Jay’lee went down down down and landed on a trampoline. But Jordan Sparkes was injured, she was riped and dirty. So we took her home and asked mum if she could stitch her together, and then me and Jay’lee would vacuum her, so it took about 30min to get her stitched up. And it took us 21min to vacuum her. Then she was all right but she could not fly us to the sky tower but we went every where else.

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