Friday, November 30, 2012

My Favorite Things I like To Do.

Singing and Dancing, I like doing these main things. I like singing but not in front of hundreds of people because I get really nervous and I kind of get stage fright. Dancing is kind of not my thing but I try to dance like really good people who are way better then me.

I sing everywhere because I want to get better every single day and I also sing when I am upset because it makes me feel relaxed. Singing is also hard for people because they got to get it right and try not to make any mistakes. My favorite singers are Jordan Sparks, Beyounce, Neyo, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber. I don’t really like dancing because when I dance, to me it looks silly.

I really like the movies at Hoyts because some of the movies are from books like “The Adventures of Tintin” it is a famous book that alot of people like, like me. I also like going to the movies because sometimes there are 3D glasses their, and the screen is so humongous that I think that is the largest screen in Auckland city. My favorite Movie that I have watched at the movies was Street Dancer in 3D.

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