Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Surfing dog

Cairo’s family, and their dog Coco, went on a fishing trip to Kawakawa Bay because that was there best fishing spot. They quickly packed their trailer with alot of things and off they went. Cairo’s parents were so excited to go fishing but Cairo wasn't because he did not want to go fishing he wanted to stay home and play video games.

“Were here” Cairo’s mum shouted with excitement, come on lets put the boat in the sea and lets get fishing. When the boat was in the sea they all jumped in the boat and went further to where the rocks were, then they waited for a while to see if they caught any fish. 1 hour went past and still no sign of any fish, so they went out further but as soon as they went past the humongous rock there were big waves crashing into there boat. The boat was rocking hard and then Cairo fell out into the cold, and salty water, he was scared, so Cairo’s dog Coco jumped into the water and helped Cairo get back on the boat.

Once Cairo was in the boat the waves pushed the boat to shore leaving the dog out at sea he was going further and further out, but then he saw a surfboard and quickly dog paddled to the surfboard. Coco was barking and barking to see if anyone was out there but there was no one there. A big wave coming towards him, he stood up on the board and started to surf he was shocked that he knew how to surf but when he was finished he fell face down on his board and floated towards a little island with sand.

He was so happy to be on land but he didn’t know where in the world he was. Nervously waiting, he laid down on the hot sand and waited for someone to rescue him. Then there was a familiar sound coming from a distance, it was Cairo calling out to him, he jumped in the salty water and dog paddled to the boat. Coco was so happy to be back with his family.

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  1. Dante,
    My name is Ashley Showles. I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama which is in Mobile, Alabama. EDM 310 is teaching future teachers how to incorporate technology into their classrooms much like what you are doing with your blog. I enjoyed reading your story! It was very interesting. It sounds like Cairo and his family had a pretty fun trip. Also, Coco sounds like a very cool dog! After surfing and the adventure he had, I bet Coco was very glad to see his family. I enjoyed reading your blog post! Keep up the good work!