Monday, March 4, 2013

The Dangerous Black Hole!

On a rainy day, I had just finished work. My friend Josephine came up to me and asked if I wanted to go to a party across from her house.  I said no because I had to get home.

I heard a noise, a moan, coming from across the street, I looked and there was an old man next to a trolley, dying. So  I went over to help him, he said he wanted to die but for people to remember that the Black Hole lives but there are consequences. And then he gave me a blank piece paper. I thought “Man, this is creepy and really weird.” Looking back over my shoulder, I saw the old man had disappeared.

Once at home, I hung the piece of paper on the fridge and went straight to sleep, despite feeling a little creepy. After 2 hours had past I heard some noises coming from the kitchen, so I got up and found out that now there was a big black circle in the middle of the blank paper. I went to go and touch it but it made an even bigger noise that sounded like a magnet.

I put my whole hand through the paper and managed to pull out a chocolate from inside the fridge. Looking inside the fridge, indeed the chocolate was gone. To test it, I put the chocolate back inside the black hole and it magically ended up back in the fridge. “This is amazing”!

The problem was that I didn’t know what he meant by ‘The Black Hole lives but there are consequences’ Days went past and I didn't know what to do with it, so I looked it up online and there was nothing but the black holes in space, but I didn’t want that. So then I went to work and sat on my chair for hours on how I could use and if I could make wishes on it, and this is when the problems started. When I put my hand through it there were hurricanes everywhere in the west side then I quickly put my hand back out, then I thought to myself that it needed to be destroyed or else someone could find it and do bad things to the world, like awaken the devil from hell.

Nervously waiting on what to do I got a pair of scissors and started chopping it up but then it went back together I tried doing alot of things like wetting it, ripping it, flushing it but it would always come back to me. I was getting frustrated and I think that I had to wait for a miracle so I went straight to bed and waited for the next day to come. Before I wanted to get out of my bed I saw the black hole on the paper getting bigger and bigger then it sucked me into it.

I was never found from that day, but the black hole was never discovered either. I had managed to blow it up with the bomb I had with me. Sadly I also managed to blow myself up along the way.

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