Monday, May 16, 2011

My Weekend

In the weekend I slept over at my sisters house. On Saturday I had to wake up very early because I had to go to the deaf church with my Nana and sister. First we went to go to the train station and as soon as we got there the train was there waiting for us. We had to go to the City to get picked up. Then We had to eat some lunch and me and my sister had eaten butter chicken - it was yummy and my Nana had a cup of tea. Then a lady was here to drop us off to deaf church to make some cards and Easter eggs. First we made cards while my Nana was melting the chocolate. We made a few cards then it was time to make some Easter eggs. I could of gotten the one with a lot of pictures on it but instead I took the big Easter egg. Then we had to put the melted chocolate into the plastic mould and then shook it and put it into the fridge. Then it was time to go home. It was a fun day!

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