Monday, December 16, 2013

Camp Highlights At Keswick.

Sesalina and me taking a photo with the sheep.

The Agradom was one of my favourite highlights. The reason why I liked the Agradom was because as the instructor was talking to us his helper let out sheep one by one on each sides. We saw at least 19 different sheep on the stage and at least 3 with horns. It was pretty awesome seeing all the sheep's going to there actual spot because there were stairs which they had to stand on. After that the instructor blew the whistle to get the 3 dogs attention they ran fast on to the stage while the instructor was opening this cupboard. While he was opening it we saw a massive cow walking on to the stage, the instructor picked a few people to hop on the stage and milk the cow. From our school Waata and Max went on the stage and tried to milk the cows, it was so funny because there was a little girl that got sprayed in the face with the milk from the cow.

Then he picked a couple of people to hold the bottles of milk from the cow and drink it, nah I was joking the man opened the door and all the baby lambs started running to the people who were holding the bottles and started feeding them. They were so cute. It was finished and we could go on the stage to see the sheep. I went to a sheep that looked like it had dreadlocks on it but with Justin Biebers style of hair. After that I went to a white sheep that had fur like a nice soft carpet, it felt so soft that I wanted to sleep on it. Next I took a photo with one that had horns in the shape of a spiral, there horns felt like big, rough dog bones. And that was the best highlight that I had at camp this year.

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