Monday, December 16, 2013

Farewell To P.t England School.

I would like to say a farewell to my school because this is my last week being at P.t England and then I'm off to college next year. I have been at P.t England for 8 long years and leaving P.t England is like leaving my family behind to move on to a better life. I am really going to miss P.t England and all the teachers who have been teaching me during my years.

I also want to say to the year 7 prefects for next year that you will keep P.t England still standing and the little kids happy and safe as we have done this year. I know that you prefects are going to be really good prefects and look after our school I wish you guys good luck for next year and have fun and remember the memories that us year 8s and the others before us have done for our school. Good Luck for next year and have fun.

Farewell P.t England and have an awesome year.
Love From Dante Bartlett.

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  1. Pt England will miss you so much Dante. I wish you all the best for an amazing year 9 and a fabulous future ahead.
    x Miss King